Jan 27, 2011

Day# 27

What do you think about your friends?

I have been blessed with the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. 

There have been friends who havent changed over the years, have always been there for me, for a really really long time now. There have been friends who came for a while, had their impact on me, and went away... drifted away. Nevertheless I am thankful that they were here, even if for a short while. There have been friends who have never failed to amaze me, coming back with the strongest of lines, the tightest of hugs and the most beautiful of all smiles.  There have been friends who would have had a pretty much sad life if it weren't be for me :D hehe! :P and they agree to that!!! :D There have been friends who turned into more than just friends, and gave me some of the most wonderful times. There have been friends who are now no longer friends, for various reasons, but for the while they were there, heck it was awesome! 

My friends have made me laugh, cry, made me happy and sad, have loved me and hurt me. They have seen me through some of my toughest times & they have played supporting characters in some of those craziest episodes of life. :D Right from KRAAP to the Shot gang, the CC's to the Wizards, dance group to basketball gang, the ManUre (manchester united) haters to the Nirvana lovers... Across age groups and states and boundaries and personalities - It has been one heck of an adventure :) 

Thanks guys! I love you all :)

P.S: Really cute good morning messages make your day, don't they? :)
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Neeha said...

Missing the morning msgs des days..
Glad you had great fnds..
I am picky n I have only few..

Anwesa said...

Raising a toast for fraandship !

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