Jan 1, 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day# 01

I haven't done tags in a long time, infact let me rephrase, I haven't written anything worth putting on the blog in a really long time, tags included. So I am taking up this 31-day challenge, which is a question a day for the entire month. Found it on Ananya's blog, and seems like a fun challenge. So here goes for Day #1

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Ok, I think I have revealed pretty much everything about myself on the blog, in countless other “random” posts in the past. But I will still try, and these are more random than interesting, so here goes:
  1. I am a hopeless romantic that DOESN’T believe in the concept of "the one".
  2. As much as I love Mumbai, staying in NYC is one of my dreams. I hope it comes true soon :)
  3. I always call my city Mumbai, somehow 'Bombay' never appealed as much.
  4. I do not want to be cremated.
  5. I have impossible amount of best friends, but none who know me as well as I know them.
  6. The longest I have had a crush on someone has actually been longer than I have been in any relationship. 4 long bittersweet years, and the guy didn’t even know I existed! How sad could I have been! :D
  7. It’s extremely easy for me to initiate conversation with anyone :)
  8. I believe in ghosts / spirits / paranormal activity.
  9. I was three years old when I danced on stage for the first time.
  10. I can watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s & Casablanca ANY number of times.
  11. I wrote my first poem when I was in the sixth standard.
  12. I am ambidextrous.
  13. Some songs can make me cry, with just simply nostalgia.
  14. The ONLY thing that successfully 100% works on me when I’m depressed is Lord of the Rings movie marathon. \m/ 'Forth Eorlingas... DEATHHHH!!!!!' Im a hardcore Ringer :)
  15. I have always dated men who were more than 6 feet tall :D which is funny considering I'm REALLY short :D :D 

And now, a recent pic of me. This one isn't actually 'recent' - it was taken at my sisters wedding. I was fretting over the amount of make up on me, and Nutties suddenly went 'Your eyes are awesome, I have to take a pic!' (which is as much as a compliment I have EVER got from him, so LOL) :D

See you tomorrow peeps!

P.S: JUST in time eh? :D ;)
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Anwesa said...

You mean you are gonna post each day of the month ? :O :O :O :O

I'll be pleased to read you in any case ( Heights of joblessness :P )

And your eyes are so alluring.... :D

Harini said...

You are ambidextrous?? Thats awesome!

I have already commented on pic nd know you are crazy about LOTR.

So u planning to post daily. Good Good :)

Ananya said...

I'm glad to know that this thing is catching on! :D
And really pretty eyes.

bondgal_rulz said...

LOVE thy eyes!!! :) :)

Looking forward to more such randomness...hopefully I'll be able to read them as you post them :)


PeaBee said...

#12 was the coolest :D

Raj said...

you do have beautiful eyes. :)

mumbai. never bombay :)

as for best friends, never had any. its always been easy to trust anyone and everyone, not classify and simply term friends.

its extremely easy for you to initiate a convo with anyone? okay! lets try.

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