Jan 7, 2011

Day# 07

A picture of something that has had the biggest impact on you.

Falling in love. 

Not the person, not the time, not who I was and who I became… But that feeling. Falling in love. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world, something that creeps into the deepest hidden corner of you, and changes everything about you. The happiness and the tears, the coming together and the breaking up, the memories and the nightmares. Everything that the 18 year old me experienced when she fell in love with the first guy who made her feel ok to be herself. Everything that a 21 year old me went through when she had her heart broken. Everything, not a thing less not a thing more. Everything learnt, everything felt. Falling in love.

* * * * *

Nothing has more power to move me than music. 
Zana, my love for you will never die.

* * * * *
My home, the place I grew up in. The reason why I met those people, had those experiences, saw and felt those things that impacted me the most. My city, the most beautiful home in the world. Everything that makes this city dear to me – 

The sea..

The beautiful monsoon that takes my breath away every single time...

The trainrides...

All the countless little things that breathe life into this city of dreams..

* * * * *

I live in a dreamland. I believe in Santa Claus and Godmother Fairies. I know there is a magical expanse of an endless universe out there, waiting to be discovered and explored. If I didn’t have this outlook in life, then frankly my life wouldn't be half as amazing as it is now. And so, the reason why I believe in magic in the first place – The Folk Of The Faraway Tree, Harry Potter, Bartimaeus trilogy, Inheritance trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia... and last but definitely not the least...

The Lord Of The Rings.

I guess this was weirdly answered, but totally honest :)

P.S: All pics by moi :D :) Except for the first one - that was taken by Ro.
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Kay said...

It truly is the little things, that make life so special....


you're a blessed one

purple moonbeam said...

Nicely written :) I love the pic of the fogged up glass depicting the monsoon. I live in a dreamland too, dated Prince Caspian in it (although I did have a soft spot for King Tirian) :D traversed many miles sitting on the Wishing Chair, later on the back of a dragon and often climbed the Faraway Tree. Currently holidaying in Middle-earth ;)

Blognostic said...

You have captured the essence of mumbai in few words and photographs. Love that city. :)

Anwesa said...

Nice pics of your very own Mumbai :) Reminded me of "Wake up Sid".

P.S. : I love your watermark.

IceMaiden said...

They sure are, Kay.. Thanks!

@Purple Moonbeam,
Thanks Purple.. I dated Prince Caspian too, till I met the one true love of my life, Aragorn :) Happily obsessed since then :D

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! :) & Yes, Mumbai is a city that everyone falls in love with.. :)

Thanks!! Come here soon :)

Meher said...

I love the pics. Especially the one of the sea. Mumbai is truly an amazing place to be in. And love teaches, in its very own mysterious way. Music heals.

Soumya said...

I share the 18, 21 tale too..

Now I know why you said we're alike :)

Crazy Blogger said...

That 18 to 21 tale actually making me cry Annie

Harini said...

Falling in love does change life a lot.

Avada Kedavra said...

loved the list and the pics :) Even I love fantasy books..all those that you mentioned :)

IceMaiden said...

Thanks! That's true... Mumbai IS amazing, in its own way... Love is one heck of a teacher and Music does heal.. It just needs some time I guess.. :)

@Soumya, Manjari,
I am very thankful that it happened.. so well.. :)

True that :)

@Avada Kedavra,
Hey fellow-HP fan :P Thanks for stopping by! :)
& Thanks! :)

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