Jan 20, 2011

Day# 20

Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future?

"Ideal" guys do not exist. So it has to be the guy who comes closest to fulfilling most of the below:
  • Respectful towards women and the less-fortunate
  • Who is NOT a mommy's boy
  • Sings well enough to make me smile
  • Is passionate about atleast some sport/ music instrument
  • A geek! :P
  • Romantic just the right amount
  • Traveler
  • Who shares atleast one hobby with me and is as passionate about it as I am
  • A great driver
  • Has a patience of a saint (since I dont have any!)
  • Can cook for me
  • Understands my need for freedom AND trusts me to have enough common sense
  • Who goes along well with all my closest friends
  • 6 foot tall and a smile that can melt my heart
  • Who makes up for his mistakes and forgives me for mine
  • Listens to me when I talk endlessly and doesn't get bored 
  • Can talk to me just as easily as I can talk to him
  • Knows how to treat a woman right
  • HAS to be ambitious and serious about whatever career he decides to have & MUST let me make my own career choices
  • Doesn't even try and yet ends up becoming my best friend
  • Someone who can wake up to me for the rest of his life and still love me the same everyday
P.S: :)
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Kay said...

nice list... so how many can get "x'd" before he hits the curb...?


Arnab Majumdar said...

I think you know what I want to ask here already :P


Misty Rhythm said...

i felt like i was reading my own checklist! haahah...lemme know if "he" has a brother ;) :P

Anonymous said...

you do know right when you fall in love, what is there in d list or not doesnt matter?:)

The Wanderer said...

Order deke banvana padega factory mein...

Myworld said...

Such guys exist only in Bollywood movies..Not in real life

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