Jan 13, 2011

Day# 13

Your views on drugs, alcohol and religion.

I have never tried them, so I dont know what it even feels like. I have never even been tempted to try. I dont think I ever will be inclined towards em' either. But I have neutral views about these things. Do it if you think you can handle it. As long as its not inconveniencing me, I wont kick your butt.

Ah. I had my first drink at the age of 18. Legally. :P Well, illegally if you count the awareness of family on the matter ;)

Everyone goes through a binge-drinking phase in college. Almost always its Vodka. Not against it at all. 7 neat shots of Absolut and walkin' straight. Personal record. \m/ Its great to have fun memories of getting crazy drunk at 20. But, well, you need to grow up sometime. I mean, at 23 with a nice job and everything, putting up pictures of you getting sloshed every Saturday night is... kind of stupid. I mean, you got a job now rem? Back then you were jobless..! :D

I have pretty much tried every drink out there. I have got sloshed crazy, walked diagonally, not known what the fuck I was doing, and I think even gyrated to sawan-mein-lag-gayi-aag-dil-mera-hayeeeee. Crazy fun. I have got sloshed enough to throw up only once. Which I didnt like one bit having refrained from overdoing it every time and slipped up once. I enjoy my drink, my current poison drink being Glenfiddich, but I am NEVER out of control. Thats where I draw the line. DONT have the drink if you cant handle it. You are not superman, and I am not your mom. I will not babysit you :|

Oh and just fyi, I'll be honest, I do judge a guy on the drink he carries in his hand :)

I am a cross bred kid with maharastrian, gujarati, marwadi and catholic roots. My folks dont have issues with the rest of the circus as well. Need I say more? I judge people on how they behave with others, not what religion they belong to. I have friends belonging to just about every possible religion out there. I don't have issues with people following a particular religion, but there is a fine line between being firm about your beliefs and being an idiot. So as long as we aint crossing any lines, I'm cool. :)

I got the weirdest looks once in the train because I had a ganesh pendant around my neck, an arabic tattoo on my wrist and my friends referred to me with a catholic name. Its fun irritating them idiots that ways :D

P.S: I would really like to know your views on this question, so holler back! :)
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Anonymous said...

hehe.. I am 21 now n going through d "drinking phase", as I started last year.. i am still too eager nd cant stop thinking when are we gonna do it next?!hehehe... crazy fun it is when wit girlfriends!

Arnab Majumdar said...

Am I to blame for that Glenfiddich curse? :D

Sadhana. said...

Good post!

I'm 18 and I illegally had my first drinks yesterday ( One shot of tequila and one shot of kamikaze) :D \Awesomefun/

I think I'd like to try weed sometime. Only the once. To see what it's about.

And I don't like religion. The way it is right now that is.

Raj said...

drugs: seen it all. never wanted to try. didn't.


started illegally. called up dad and said i wanted it to be legal at age 17. :P
he agreed. and i went ballistic. then i grew up. learnt that maybe you could down 25 neat but there was no point in it. a couple that go down easy and slow are much more fun. btw, i am talking of whiskey. beer does good on a sunday afternoon. vodka well...people normally have it with soft drinks and hence its sweet. i think the whole point of drinking is lost then. it becomes more of a cough syrup of sorts. i could be wrong but then i am supposed to holler right :P

as for religion, never had much faith in it. though i do believe in the idea of a higher power. he guides you, you just don't know it and shit.

and as for judging people, i dont quite do that. not till i know them inside out at least. there is too much to learn from a certain one person. and sight and mind can never tell u all that.

anyways :)

good post :P

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