Jan 24, 2011

Day# 24

Nicknames you have & why do you have them?

It’s a name more than a nickname actually, I don’t know of anyone apart from Mom and my boss, who calls me Anita. :)

My best friend Mona (who I refer to as ‘Na’) calls me that. The idea was to pick up the last syllable of our names :D I think this started when we had to name the robot we made in 2nd year, and it has carried forward since then.

Extremely protective siblings call me that. I actually don’t prefer being called that by anyone else. Only family.

School time nickname, Malvika (Malz) to be credited.

It started with my nephew who was too young to say Anita completely, so he settled for Ans. Except for my nephew, the only other person who calls me that is Ro.

College friends used to call me that, apparently that’s because my name spelled backwards is Tina :P

Crazy antics define me. I dont think I have ever greeted anyone without a smile. It just comes naturally. Hence the nickname. Courtesy the only guy who knows me inside out :)

P.S: IceMaiden/ Missy Meoww are also nicknames, when someone is making a reference to the blogger me :)
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Raj said...

itne naaam?! phew!

mera to ek hi hai. apart from raj, whiskey :P
long story.

Anwesa said...


Nice one.

bondgal_rulz said...



itne naam aur unki kahaniya....... :)

Ananya said...

Cute names! :D

Neeha said...

How chweet..

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