Jan 8, 2011

Day# 08

Short term goals for this month and why?

  • Get my drivers license.
  • Get the baking equipment/ingredients in order. 
 (... both next-to-do items from my 25 before 25 list)
  • Quit making Vodafone richer! THEY DONT NEED YOUR MONEY! :|
  • Find a free spot in the morning time before office for the gym.
  • Drag my friend down to the gym and enroll us both! :P I need company when I need to do something like that :)
  • Take more pictures!!!! I have been neglecting things that make me happy, esp. my precious Nikon lately, and I plan to change that :)
  • I saw the most amazing pair of shoes at Forever & New the other day, and found out they cost roughly 4 grand. I can afford it waise (thanks to what is becoming my moms biggest mistake till date - giving me the Visa power :D) but I have decided that if I want those, I have to earn it. So SAVE up on unnecessary expenses!!!! :|
  • Finish Chowringhee.
  • Restrict my internet usage. Lately I have realized that I'm ALWAYS online - laptop or BB, I'm always signed in. And I ultimately end up talking to someone or the other all the time, thanks to friends spread all over the planet. And, Facebook-ing all the time. NOT GOOD. I need to dump FB soonnnn!!! :(
  • Finish this 31-Day Challenge... For someone who loses interest in things pretty soon, it will make me feel good to know that I stuck it out :)

P.S: Is it weird that my interest in cricket has reignited all of a sudden?! Thanks to IPL..
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Harini said...

Yeah! Take more pics. You hardly post in snapshots anymore.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Life is what happens to us while we are busy making plans ( click )

IceMaiden said...

I have already picked up my Nikon again.... Will post pics more regularly now :)

@A Benevolent Sultan for Life,
Hehehe... that was funny! :P :)
btw, how come you found yourself a name like that? :D

buckingfastard said...

chowringhee...ohh the grandness of hotel shahjahan....i respect u even more today for ur choice of books...if u want i can spill the climax, to help u finish it earlier!! shud i? shud i?

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