Jan 27, 2011

Day# 26

Something you crave for a lot?

There are sometimes when I have this desperate intense urge to run away. From here, my city. Dont get me wrong, I love my home... But sometimes I have these sudden cravings to go stay in a place where noone knows me, and I will have the chance to redo everything all over again. From scratch. Thankfully that happens only sometimes. 

I also have sudden cravings for chocolate. And I get cranky till I get it.  Like seriously cranky.
Now THAT happens a LOT. :P

P.S: This was posted late, courtesy Isha, with whom I was having a rather long awaited, hysterical and totally awesome talk about the most ridiculously made men. :D
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bondgal_rulz said...

And see, here I am. The first one to read it and comment. :P

Strangely enough, I understand both your cravings. Twins, in the most uncanny ways. :P

P.S. It was SO great to talk to you. :)

Cadbury Girl said...

It's nice getting to know your blog ! infact i came here thru colors to know the tag q's !

Btw, Even I have such cravings to run away frm my place ! especially office at times ;)

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