Jan 5, 2011

Day# 05

A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

I love to travel, but strangely I don’t get the chance often. Especially with family, there have been very few outings. With friends, a gazillion of them. Most of the outings were with the Wizards. For this question, I pick the farthest north I have ever been with the Wizards – Shimla/ Manali. It was the BEST trip of my life, nothing can ever beat the fun we had in that week from 5th Dec 2007 to 12th Dec 2007... The Jab We Met-themed trip, the songs always taking me back to those wonderful 7 days...

This picture was taken by me at Kufri, and I can still feel how quiet and cold it was there. It was quiet enough to listen to the rhythm of your own heartbeat, that sound of silence. While returning back to the bus from this place, we got a little late, and it got really dark. Apart from the skylight there was no other source of light for miles around. It was creepy and awesome at the same time. I will always remember how the night sky looked then, so alluring and mysterious.. :)

P.S: I would give up anything just to go back and relive that week once more, exactly the way it was..
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purple moonbeam said...

The mist floating around the mountains makes this picture even more beautiful. Is there a post about your trip? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Photography.
And your trip sounds like fun.

I should also give a visit to those places.

Happy New Year & Take Care. :)

Amit said...

Great pic!

Ananya said...

Awesome place that is! :D

Anwesa said...

Awesome pic..

P.S. : Aaoge Jab tum... is one my greatest favourites.

RGB said...

Lovely picture. Some things and life are worth cherishing a lifetime!

IceMaiden said...

@Purple Moonbeam,
It was the most breathtakingly beautiful place I have ever been too... It was special for a variety of reasons, and strangely I never wrote about it. I started to many times, but you know how somethings are so so so perfect that no amount of words can do justice to them? It was one of those things :)

Hey there! Thanks a lot!:)
Happy new year to you too!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! & same pinch... Aaoge Jab Tum is one of songs that is closest to my heart... :)

Thanks a lot! & you are right, somethings stay with you forever :)

Da Rodent said...

Lovely picture.

PeaBee said...

I went Kufri some time back, nice place. Pretty picture :)

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