Jan 4, 2011

Day# 04

A habit that you wish you didn't have?

Tough one! :)

I dont really have *habits* that I wish I didnt have, they are more like unconscious things I do, that I wish I didn't. I have no idea why I do it, and try hard as I may, I cant seem to change it one bit.

One is getting attached to people too soon. More often than not, I end up getting hurt. I do move on from that too, eventually, but the fact remains that no one ever has to try too hard to make themselves my best friend. Sometimes it makes me wish, even I was the hard-to-please/gain-trust kinds... :)

Also, I wish my anger was a bit more controlled than it currently is. I have a seriously fiery temper, and the dumbest part is that getting realllyyy angry makes me realllyyy weepy! I mean wtf! :| On the other hand, I cant control my wide grin when I am happy. It ruins the whole pretending-its-nothing-but-being-really-happy-inside look that EVERYONE around me has perfected. I wish I was more controlled in revealing my emotions - most people can read me like a sunday morning comic strip. Sigh. 

Then there are harmless, supremely irritating habits, that others wish I didn’t have, but for me it’s too much fun :D

For example, I have this habit of starting to say something and then trailing off with a 'accha nevermind…'. I swear I don’t plan it, but yes I do enjoy the exasperation, when I realise I did it again :D

Next, there is this thing of talking to cats and dogs and babies in a language only they and I understand, my friends say its really embarrassing for them! :D

I also have this habit of being stuck on a particular song for AGES. I mean, I pick the craziest song, and it plays on a loop for people around me to hear, sometimes with nasal twangs :D I dont do it on purpose, but you know how singing songs can get addictive! I once went for MONTHS with 'tum toh thehre pardesi, saath kya nibhaoge' :| I even alter the tunes to suit the mood! Yes, I'm a total cartoon! :D 

Ya, that's about it. :)

P.S: I think I'm back to singing Altaf Raja songs now :| ... 
...pehle toh kabhi kabhi gham thaaa... :D
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bliss said...

those are nice little habits :)
although i have to say i agree with the first two. but i guess, some people are always just a tad bit too good for this world :P
good one about songs. cant iamgine what your friends have to bear when u come up with your own versions of 'tum to thehre pardesi'
only, none of these is a habit u wud want to or should change :)

Anwesa said...

Kya baat keh di...Altaf Raja...now I'll sing "Tum toh thehre pardesi.." the whole day :D :D

Harini said...

I also do that with cats, dogs and babies and many people stare at me as if I have gone mad.

I hate when ppl start something get you all interested and then say 'Never Mind'. Thats irritating :P

Arnab Majumdar said...

First up - the way I see it, the fact that you get attached to people fast will make sure that you'll never have to be alone. That in itself is a wonderful thing. Sure, you'll have a few folks who come and go, but the important ones stay on, and over the years, the number of such people would keep on growing, and that's always a good thing. I know I'm being my irritatingly optimistic self, again... but then, that's me.

Also... you really gotta stop that 'nevermind!' thing :D


Ananya said...

I wish I could get attached to people faster. :\
And I'm starting to love reading your blog! :D

IceMaiden said...

Looky who is here! :) :)
And BANG ON... some people are just toooooo good for the world ;) :D
I started singing tum toh thehre pardesi really slowwwww because there was a sober atmosphere... They almost threw me out of the room and locked me out :D

EXCELLENT! Im giving you company now :D

Oh great! There are others like me! :P I dont understand why people stare. :|
And ya, I know it IS irritating because my friends started doing that to me to show me how it irritates them :P

You make sense my hatless headbangin' jester, you do make perfect sense :)
And yes yes I will stop the nevermind business IF AND ONLY IF you stop the hanging sentences in mid air thing!!!!!!!!!! :| :| :|

Trust me you are better off taking your time to trust people :)
And thanks! :) :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

Oh well... nevermind!

:P :D

Raj said...

lol. not getting attached easily is one tough thing to do. cant do it myself. :)

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