May 22, 2011

For names that begin with 'A'

Just a little something on a boring Sunday night. 
My first time with acrylic on canvas.

P.S: Not very fond of this one - The owl clan is cursing me for that fucked up owl I suppose.
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May 14, 2011

No Time For Title -

- because I am on my way to Wankhede for the Mumbai Indians vs. (err. I dont know) match. Finally! I booked the tickets last week because he drove me crazy by cribbing that he wanted to see 'Sachinnnnnnnnnnnn' :/ Ok. I get it. I love Sachin too. But you dont have to yell you know :P :)

May 2, 2011

Oil Pastel Painting # 2

By now, I think we can safely assume that flowers make me happy! :D

I am ridiculously messy about the colors though, thankfully my mom has always liked me doing artsy stuff, so she is cool with all the clothes I am ruining forever. Also I have moved to acrylics now, and I am in absolute LOVE with the beautiful colors in tiny tubes! :)

P.S: I think EVERYONE should paint, even if you suck at it. There is this distinct joy in creating something out of just a bunch of colors. :)
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