Feb 2, 2012

First Impressions!

Just landed at Cochin, after a grueling, LONG and weirdly jerky flight. Spicejet, you suck.

EVERYONE seems to be wearing the lungi / mundu (whatever it is called)!!!
I think I cant wait to wear the white gold saree tomorrow - it looks so pretty! <3
There is a gajra hanging in every car! :P

And Oh. My. God. That is a LOT of coconut trees! :O :D

- Annie.
P.S: Would love to roam here with my cam, thats for sure! :)
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Lady Whispers said...

Have loads of fun <3 After its ur special moment for life :D

Ashrita said...

:) :) :) <3

Haddock said...

Thats a good idea (using the cam)
You can get loads of exciting pics in Cochin.

totalliemeh said...

YOU GOT MARRIED!!!! TO A KERALITE!! OMG!! THATS..THATS..SO..OMG I FEEL LIKE MY RELATIVE GOT MARRIED AND NEVER TOLD ME! Ofc, the relative is not you, your hubby. I mean..I am a malayali and you are now a malayali bride and it..feels like family. so..er..welcome!! And congratulations!! and wishing you a very very happy married life!! :)

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