May 10, 2012

Adopt A Stray

After months of contemplating to do this one, I can now finally cross off the very first thing on my list of 25 before 25. Adopt a stray. Check. (actually make that two strays!)

Meet Dusk & Scotch! Aren't they the cutest kittens ever??? :) :) :) :) :)

They were found dumped in the bag in the garbage, along with 4 other siblings, with their mother crying for help. I want to punch the asshole who did that to them. I hope he/she trips like right now and breaks some bones. :| 

An NGO called World For All rescued them, unfortunately one passed away, while the others were put  up for adoption. While going through pictures on their Facebook page, I fell in love. If you stay in Mumbai, and want to adopt a stray, please look through their Facebook page. And a sincere request for anyone who wants to get themselves a pet, please DO NOT buy them. The animals are kept in a deplorable condition, and once they cannot mate anymore, are discarded onto the streets like broken toys. Please consider adoption instead. :)

Spread some love people!
P.S: My crazy friends decided to rename them both.. Suggestions ranged from Jack and Daniels to Rum and Whiskey.. to Butter and Scotch... and Sheesha & Scotch :P :P
Now Playing: nothing... they are sleeping! SHHH! :)  


Nirati said...

Fantabloodystic! I love love love cats. We adopted a stray cat a few years ago.. That's another story, chodo :P
Bless you for taking these two in. They are SO adorable!
Thanks for sharing the page, I'll like as well as share it okay? :D
Hahahaha, rum and whiskey, hahaha =P

- Sugar Cube - said...

dusk & scotch! nice names there!

Tangled up in blue... said...

My dear girl! :) They're both so lovely. And I suggest Whisky and Scotch, they sound like great names for those little guys. I can't imagine who would be heartless enough to chuck defenseless baby animals into a dumpster for crying out loud! They're so young and they depend on you. It is so cruel to abandon them.

I have a dog called Jack, whom I rescued from a stormwater drain in July of 2004 when he was a pup. He has the glossiest black fur. I really love him and somehow I don't like the idea of buying pets - it demeans them somehow, reducing them to objects of acquisition. I found Jack and he found me. :)

There's also some people who buy pets and then they find that they can't take care of them or it's too much effort and then they discard them and leave them in the streets where they're not equipped to survive. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescues many such animals - I used to volunteer with them in my first three years of medical college - the SPCA is right behind my college actually. My cousin is a vet with them and he routinely treats animals as varied as rabbits and turtles and horses - all abandoned after their use is over or their novelty has worn off.

Sometimes I think animals are more humane than members of our species are.

Raj said...

butter and choco.

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Ruhani said...

Oh my God they're adoraaaaable! <3

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