May 7, 2012

Three Letters

(This has been weighing heavy on my mind all along so this comes first)
To All Those Beautiful People Who Sent Me Their Addresses In The Last Post,


ALL my weekends after that post have been so occupied! :( First, some friends visited, then Vishu happened out of town, and then I fell super duper even-the-doc-going-OMGWTF-happened-to-you sick. :| Then when I finally got little better, I got TONS of work because May was supposed to be relatively easy. The only *good* thing that happened, I got hired to do a wedding at a very short notice, which BTW, is a LOT more difficult than I expected it to be. Here are some sneak peeks I posted on FB recently.. :) 

So yes, be assured you will get something pretty sometime very soon! Cross my heart, promise!!  

* * * * * *
To All Those Giving Marriage Advice,

Yaar Auntyji aapko expert banaya kisne??!?!?!? :| 

It is very simple. Whether you have a rocking 25 year old marriage, or whether you left within a year with a bitter taste, or whether you lead very simple, "fight-free", disjoint sets of lives, or whether you fight all the freaking time. Please understand that EVERY marriage is different, EVERY person has a very different equation with their spouse, and hell, it is an intensely personal equation. What worked for you, may not work for someone else, and what did NOT work for you will work for someone else. Period.

Now that being said, if you expect to tell someone not to adjust, or not to supposedly "lose their individuality", you are an idiot. Sorry but you fail to see that EVERYONE has to adjust to make ANY relationship work. It takes bloody effort to keep a marriage going, and please do not consider yourself an expert on marriage (or even men for that matter). Auntyji, please K serials dekhna band karo! Get your facts about real men right, they are not dumbfucks, you know. And for the LOVE OF GOD WHO IS PROBABLY CRINGING RIGHT NOW, this is not a Bollywood movie, love DOES NOT happen with a orchestra playing in the background!! :| :| My very own sister's arranged marriage is proof for this one - my sister is a VERY pretty singer/dancer aspiring to be a super chef, and adored by elders and youngsters alike. She, according to me (sorry but I swear by Linda Goodman), is a typical lioness. She can spend hours on herself, totally unconcerned what is happening around her, and I am not kidding you. Now, she is married to a man who is a complete opposite of her - my jeejs is a very quiet unassuming, shy man, who cannot sing or dance to save his own life :P and he is most definitely NOT a fashionable guy with a romantic charm. Think Aish and Ajay in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (they get that comment a LOT! :P :P)

And, there was none of that stupid "chemistry" or whatever the fuck Bollywood calls it - in fact, she whined about being stuck in a different city with a totally non romantic husband and made me come over to her place in the very next month after marriage. Now after a year of some considerable friction, I see the two of them so very much in love, because surprise surprise, they adjusted to each others differences and decided to play on their similarities. Please do not tell people to run after the illusion of a Bollywood match, that only happens in the movies. And everyone can make things work, if they are willing to. :)

* * * * * *
To You,
Otherwise known as The Girl Who No Longer Speaks To Me

I do not know what could I have possibly done to antagonize you, and the reason that you did not want to talk to me when I was going through a happy phase while you were going through your sad phase, is plain stupid. I do not know what is it that has created so much distance between us, that we are back to what we were years ago, just mere strangers on each others Facebook feeds. I am sorry, but you have truly let me down. Because according to me, no reason is good enough for just cutting ties without an explanation, without a final talk. Sorry, but you did NOT let me down when you did not show up for my wedding (yes it hurt, but it is OK, I have forgiven much worse things in my life to hold on to this one), NOR even when you promised to make up for it for coming down here (though I definitely expected a reply back to my last email), but you let me down when you simply stopped talking to me all together. I am not angry, hardly anything makes me very angry these days, but I am deeply disappointed. And I am sorry if I did do something that unforgivable. Take care.

~ Annie
P.S: I am tired of being over worked and underpaid! :(
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Rika said...

I so agree with you on the ppl giving stupid marriage advice...and I've been stupider by following some of them too...every person is different and we should form our own rules to make a relationship work..ppl just say something coz maybe they have nothing else to talk about..we just have to nod our heads and then do what pleases us but not blindly follow others' advice.

Anwesa said...

3 things I liked about this post :
--> The title of the post
--> The pictures in the post
--> The P.S. of the post

Take care !

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Eeee :D
I loved the post :D
First i thought, kuch love types..mushy mush post hoga...par mujhe expert banaya kisne :D

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