Mar 24, 2012

Happy Birthday! :)

I cannot believe I have been blogging for FOUR years! 

My baby is big! Yayie! Have a cupcake y'all! 

Since I am in a great mood (though I do not know how many comments I will actually receive on this one :D) I feel like giving away return gifts for all the birthday wishes on my blogs behalf! :) I have made the comment section private, added anonymous users, will not be publishing any of the comments - anyone who wants a return gift handmade by me, please leave your address (you may or may not write your real name, its ok to be She/He/Ms. A/Mr. Z AND you can be from ANY continent. yes Dallas even you can wish me to expect a gift! :P) and I will courier it to you NOW! Goes without saying, all information will be completely confidential, and really I swear, I am very harmless, my handwriting is readable, and I wont send you crap! :) 



Thank you sooooo much guys for the comments!  :D :D I will now make the comments public again, and everyone who gave me your addresses, you lovely people - Your gifts will be on the way soon! :D :)
P.S: Hakuna Matata | Lion King :)


Karan said...

WOW! *sings* Happy Birthday to you, Dear Blog, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, dear Bloggu! :D

Your blog is turning 4 on the Sindhi new year. What an auspicious day! Yay! :) :)

Super happy for you, Annie! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :-)

-Again you know who :P

Anonymous said...

You've already given me a lot, a really beautiful post specially for me, couldn't ask you for more.. :-)

Love you..

-You know who :P

Anwesa said...

Happy birthday to your blog !

Anupam Gupta said...

YAY!!! Anonymous comment!!!! Address bhejun ya pick up karun? :P

Lady Whispers said...

Congrats sweeetheart ...YAY to four years of blogging :) Seems like yesterday :)

Handmade gift wow :) entices me...but I guess I can always visit you and take the gift from you ...why make u take the pain :D But pakka wala longi someday :D address to main email pe kabhi bhi bhej sakti ho :P

Rika said...

That's a milestone indeed! Congrats! and Happy Birthday to your blog :)
Its an amazing feeling coz I remember how I felt when I completed 4 years of blogging. No wonder you're so excited. And gift huh? sounds tempting. Thanks so much :) I've sent you my address.

nil said...

Oh hey, happy 4th birthday to your blog! :)

Mine completed four years a week or two back, feels all maternal and Ekta Kapoor's 'bacha bada ho gaya' eh? ;)

Haha, good luck! :)

Sadhana. said...


Your blog is the one of the few sources which make me go "awww! <3"! (Not kidding!)

I hope you keep going for another four! (And more!)

Now, I want that handmade gift, but I dunno how to give my address! :P

bliss said...

four years of blogging is a lot! congratulations Annie. and whats greater is how this blog has seen you grow, your wedding invitation is on this blog, for god's sake!
so heartiest congratulations and lets wait to see you celebrate many more milestones of life through the window of this blog!

happy birthday blog :)

Nirali Naik said...

Congratulations :D Happy birthday Blog :D :D <3

Gift gift gift gift . Am i Late ? Do i still get something :( , Handmade gift me wants :P

DeJaVu said...

Congrats :)

Novocaine said...

Looks like a pseud party that is going on here :) Where's the music?

buckingfastard said...

WHAT!! I missd da gift deadline...and i am hungry and there are pictures of cakes also on the blog...happy birthday i am storming off...frm Tears n Rain :P

Ashrita said...

WHAT :( I just read this and I also want a gift :(((((((((

Belated Happy Birthday White Lilyz :)

phatichar said...

Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! I wish I wasn't too late for this :(

Zeba said...

Birthday birthday! :-)

madhu said...

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