Jan 4, 2013


This is a rant. 

Why do people get threatened by someone new so easily?
Why does someone view someone else like a mortal enemy?
Why do people judge other people on idiotic things like which TV they follow or if they like dogs / cats?
Why do people judge other people at all in the first place?
Why do people forget that someone out of 7 BILLION people in the world has given them some attention, and it was not to pull them out or be rude, but it was just small talk?
Why do people get so obsessed with what they look like, what they wear or how much money they have?
Why do people get so obsessed with what OTHERS look like, what OTHERS wear or how much money OTHERS have?
Why is it that even after centuries of acting like idiots, people still refuse to wake up and take women rights seriously?
Why do young teenagers act like they know it all, just because they can string a sentence together to let the world know that they have an opinion?
Why do people hate things they don't even fully understand? Like cats? Or Grey's Anatomy? Or Sachin Tendulkar? Or The Lord Of The Rings?
Why would anyone even hate cats, Grey's Anatomy, Sachin Tendulkar and The Lord Of The Rings?
Why do people simply insist of being foolish, even when told that they are being foolish?
Why do people insist on not listening to their best friend's who obviously know better?
Why are mothers so difficult to deal with?
Why does Indians refuse to recognize or empathize with mental illness like Bipolarity, Borderline personality disorder, Schizophrenia, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Anxiety disorder, Bulimia, Anorexia and even classic clinical depression? 
Why do people get jealous of people they do not even know well?
Why is everyone so quick at jumping to conclusions?
Why does one cheat?
Why do people drift away from ones that were once close?
Why can't we all just make better use of the time we do have on this planet?
Why does all the good that one does fade away in the face of all the wrong?
Why can't 'being human' mean capable of doing all that right as well as the wrong?
Why do we insist on bribes but not rights?
Why do some in the NON-kid category insist on talking like kids?
Why is it so difficult to think / speak / imagine positive things about oneself or others?
Why can't we all just stop and breathe?

End of rant.

~ Annie.
P.S: Nope. Don't feel any better. Sigh.
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PeaBee said...

Wow the 'cat hate' really bothers you, huh? :O
Anyway, I agree with most things in your rant.

Purple Assassin. said...

There always are these teeny-tiny things that form the very first impressions in the head. Our brains works like a maniac, lol, it processes a lot if there are matching symptoms with someone from the past.

Ghadeer said...

Questions nobody can help you with!

A said...

These are such questions whose answers no one can give you and people won't ever stop doing these things too, which is the irony.

Raj said...

acceptance. the answer to everything.

IceMaiden said...

Yes it does. I have been judged far too many times for that, and when you actually work for animal rescue, you will be amazed at the kind of crap people are capable of saying / doing.

@The Purple Assassin,
Hmm, did not look at it that way. I guess we all need to understand that there is a lot more to someone than first impressions? :)

Sadly you are correct. Sigh.

@Aqsa, Raj

Harini said...

These questions don't have a answer. Like people hating cats bothers you, people hating any animal bothers me. I get angry when I see kids kicking cats or dogs just for fun. Hey, btw I am back to blogging and just wrote a post P.

- Sugar Cube - said...

For the most of it.. asking 'why' doesn't give a fair answer.
If people do any of it..they just do. There are no reasons. Thats the way they are made up!

Ire said...

Only if someone gave you an answer you liked. Wish life were that...

How are the cats?

Kanishk said...

1. Insecurity - Very natural. Some are more and some not so much.
2. Zero sum Games - Dunno
3. Totally valid judgments provided one is ready to revise them once they have more information
4. How else can you function?

9. Haven't you been doing the same since you were a teenager? :P
10. You don't have to fully understand, no? Hatred doesn't need to be justified. Although Sachin haters are just attention seekers.

17. You need conclusions to take action. Tricky but needs to be done sometimes.
19. Sad reality. I guess all relationships are transient in nature.

23. Makes us feel powerful :P

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