Jun 2, 2013

Blogger stats and related revelations! :D

So I read this recent post by PeaBee, in which she mentioned some of her blog's stats, which got me very curiously on my own dash, looking through all the 260 - two hundred and sixty? WOW! - posts and checking out my blog stats! I have added^ / edited* some questions, and I seriously recommend you do this activity in case you have been (like me) blogging for a while! Total walk down memory lane, this one. :)

My first post: Hello World
Okay this is mortifying. As we can see, I had an insane tendency to use a lot of full stops and exclamation points. And utter disregard for correct spelling. In my defense, this was FIVE years ago. And it is ironic and funny how, my life DID turn into a human-rights, save-the-animals themed story. :)

My first fiction piece: Euphoria
I don't think I have ever truly written fiction on this blog - it always had scenes, characters, places straight out of my own experiences, but for all practical purposes, this was the first 'story'. 

The post in which I revealed stuff about myself: TagTAG v2
A bunch of this is not applicable anymore, especially the parts about Ro. Inward cringing happening. While husband dearest goes, haan haan likho apne EX boyfriend ke baare mein! The man can do so much drama, jeez! :D

First comment: Apurva on 50 Reasons Why I Love You 
Okay. Awkward. 

First follower: Satan's Darling
I remember this one, even though it doesn't reflect so right now on my dash. I think unfollowing happened, then following back later happened - we've been through a bit. 

*The blog post that led to a real life fight: At Deception Point
HAHAHHAHAHA! Incidentally, my 4th post! I had no idea that the person mentioned in the post blogs regularly / reads my recently created blog at all in the first place! Things went from bad to worse to disastrous  and eventually a huge fall out happened (with no drama or violence, phew!). Even though we got to being civil to each other after a while, especially since this love of my life in the aforementioned post and I broke up, but we never really patched up. 

So yes. Kids, do not write a blog about it. Facebook it instead. Quick and dirty. :P

My most viewed post: 15 Greatest Guitar Riffs Of All Time
Had no idea this was the one. But take this seriously, if you dislike any song on this list, you will no longer be a friend.

My personal favorite post on this blog: 
In Loving Memory - This post has given me, my maximum number of email comments. It is funny how I was at, like Rachael puts it - 'Rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, and then me.' sort of place, and I had just... given up when I wrote this post. And my catharsis began almost as I hit 'publish'. Of all the posts in which I said I was finally getting over shit, I started in the one where I said I will never get over it. Funny how life works out right? :)

Girl - Opening a blank document after a really, really long hiatus from writing fiction, and by discovering you still 'got it'. This was that comeback post.

31 Day Challenge - I pulled off one post everyday for 31 days. Anyone who knows me, knows exactly how lazy I am with things like these (unless it involves me getting paid :P). Completing this challenge was one of the highlights of my blogging history.

Blog post with most comments: Baby When Did Your Hands Grow So Cold
Wow this is from so long ago (again, please pardon the disregard for normal, correctly spelled out English), I had no idea this was my most commented upon post. I always thought it was Good Girl Gone Bad.

The post which won me my very first blog competition: Hello (shortlisted for first place) & In Loving Memory
Almost as a rule, I NEVER take part in any blogger forums, communities, contests, award-giving (anymore), prompts, follow-backs because a while back I watched as things got really ugly on one of these forums. There came this phase when EVERYONE wanted a vote or a like or a comment, and things got personal if you politely declined. IMHO, it all always came down to how popular you were with the community, as opposed to how good you actually wrote. The above mentioned contest was on a blog that I had been following for a while, and thought they were pretty fair in their contests / reviews.

^How many drafts you've got? 40! WOW! :D

^From your dash, list the search keywords that lead to your blog? LOL! Here they are:
  • 50 reasons why i love you
  • human torch
  • 25 reasons why i love you
  • 50 reasons you love someone
  • candel love
  • happiness pink floyd
  • ice maiden blog
  • 25 reason why i love you
^HOW MANY BLOGS DO YOU HAVE? I added this question, because my answer might shock you. NINE. :D
Apart from this one, 5 more on Blogger - 3 no longer functional, 2 on hiatus.
2 on WordPress - just for trial purposes, never liked WP. 
1 secret Tlog. :P 

This was fun! :D

P.S: On a completely unrelated note, I CANNOT WAIT FOR JULY!! :D
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Akanksha said...

Loved all the posts up there.
Is July going to be something like Fantabulous February?

PeaBee said...

Haha, awesome post. :D
I have 5 blogs! 3 abandoned Blogger blogs, 1 active tumblr and 1 active Blogger site. I can't pick a favourite out of the two active ones though :P

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