Jan 21, 2009

Best Match Ever!!!!

21st Jan 2009’ 10.50pm

I have jus returned back from college, having witnessed one of the most spectacular basketball matches ever played in the history of awesome matches in VJTI.

I walked into the quad, very tired from all the dance practice. My exhaustion disappeared the moment I spotted a basketball in the quad. Some guys were playing. I went and put in a few shots that made the guys turn red wid shame. Lolz. Ro came too, n told me he had a match at 6.30. Civil Vs Electronics. Now for all those who aren’t familiar wid any of VJTI happening, Rohit is the Civil Boys team captain. The Tronix guys team consisted of all 3pointer addict guys, so it was going to be a tough fight. On top of all that, Civil Boys were the reigning champions, having bagged gold for last 2 years in a row. N the last years captain Joy (yeah thts his name) had told Ro in no uncertain terms that the title better remained wid Civil this year too. : P

The match started late, like everything in VJ does. We expected a good fight, bt what unfolded before everyone was a complete shocker. Rohit and Jeet so well known for their coordination and amazing 3pointer skills were missing EVERY single shot. The new players were trying very hard to get some points, bt everyone received a jolt when the opposing captain out in three 3pointers in a row. The score was 09-00 with Tronix leading.

Finally Jeet managed to get a 2pointer and opened the innings for Civil. Bang came Tronix reply. They scored another 3pointer. Someone else from Civil scored a 2pointer jus as the 1st quarter ended. The score stood a shameful 12-04 with Tronix leading.
Things didn’t improve much in the next two quarters. The Tronix guys kept leading. With almost 8 - 10 points in the lead, I was beginning to get quite hysterical. “NO Ro.. don’t lose the last match of your life. This is the last chance. Noooo…”

At the beginning of 4th quarter, the score was 25-17. Tronix lead. I stood up to stand on the edge of the court and decided to do some heavy duty sledging. *SLEDGING – term used for abusive remarks thrown by on lookers to players of other team. Wide range of remarks, starting with the normal “I.T. CHAKKA..” to “saala &%^%*^(^$%#^%$”* I started callin the other guys random things like “GAY”, “Ghar pe jaa…mummy ne bulaya hai”, “Tronix Chakka!!!” N guess what.. it worked!!! The guys kept missing their pointers, and finally *OH THANK GODDDD!!!!* Ro managed to score an amazing 3pointer. The score was now 25-20.

One guy resembling Mowgli *as I was yelling out to him… Aei jungle pe jaa vapas* scored a 3pointer, which was a rude shock. The score now was 28-20. It was looking impossible to catch up. Then 0ne female from Civil, Purva, came and we both started yelling like maniacs to the other team. “Saala Gay… ghar pe jaa.” “Tronix Chakka” “Come on Guys… Buck Up” “Areee yeh dekh aya aya aya aya…. MISSS!!!!”I could actually feel the adrenaline rush.

Here the match completely took a turn. Ro, Jeet, Rishi, Nikhil and Vatsal, somehow clicked, and Ro and Jeet scored back to back 3 pointers. I was so PROUD!!! It jus urged me n Purva to yell louder. And ofc we were jumping up and down like a couple of maniacs. 5 minutes remaining. Score was 28-27.

I was so busy yelling spectacular insults to the other team , I don’t rem who scored, bt some scored a 3pointer. YES!! We were FINALLY in d lead. Both teams kept commiting a series of fouls and thus got free shots. And because of our yelling “Aeii… Kuch nahi ata hai. Miss karega Miss Karega… dekh MISS!!!” the other team kept missing, and we kept scoring the free throws. Nikhil commited another foul, and he had to leave. Bimal came in, and ran straight into the other team player, crashing into the board. He commited a foul, bt wtf. We are now soooo close..

Last minute saw some really good 2pointers. The score was 29-32. Jeet scored yet another 2pointer. 44 seconds remaining. Another 3pointer by Ro. Another foul now. Ro gets a free throw. He scores!!! I have gone mad with all the yelling and jumping. Ref blows his whistle. Game over. CIVIL WIN!!!!! 29-44. Just imagine.

The entire crowd pours onto the court. They all gather around Ro and pick him up and throw him in the air. Another group picks up Jeet and another one Bimal. Rishi heads straight for the chairs and collapses. Everyone is yelling. The traditional cry rings out. The one that everyone says, with name variations in VJ- “Tronix’s chi marli. Dhinchak dhinchak.” Some guys even begin with the side slogan “I.T. Chakka!!!” : P

I m sure NOONE in VJTI has ever seen a match so closely lost or so closely won by any dept ever. I m sure no one has seen this amount of sledging ever. Ro kept his word to Joy. The Title was theirs for another year. And nothing in the world beat the feeling of winning the last basketball match of our lives.

- Annie
*throat sore from yelling, tired from dancing and very very happy from all the jumping*


^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

wow annie, i am complete dumb when it comes to sports , but the way you have written it made me feel like I watched d game for real :P

but ofc i knew ur guy was winning LOL :))

G said...

That was so fun to read! I felt as if I was there with u!..lol.. fun :)

lost_soul said...

Thanx for the lovely post!Though I missed the match,it actually brought back all those last yr enthusia memories,basketbal matches in the quad,sledging n esp all those "__ chi marli dhinchak dhinchak"
Thanx once again :)

IceMaiden said...

@seno, gargi...
matches are like a HUGE tradtion in our college, and its always fun. but this one meant a lot cuz it was my last one. :)

seriously missed u there when we were all yelling for the civil guys to win. it was an almost electrified atmosphere. and yea the "___ chi marli dhinchak dhinchak" hasnt changed much. its still LOTS of fun. :)

DeJaVu said...

hey i read this now!! hehe..yeah.. n as all the commentz testify.. wat a commentary!!

Anupam Gupta said...

i m amazed as to how somehow the I.T chakka gets into the picture from somewhere....nice commentary though...

and of course the rout of tronix in basketball was completed...as the girl lost like 35-04 to IT just before this one...so nice....

IceMaiden said...

@ mons... thanks!! luv u lots..
@anupam.. the next year enthudia's tag line is goin to be "IT chi maarli dhinkchaK dhinchak...!!!"

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