Feb 23, 2009

8 Oscars For Slumdog!!! :)

I am watching wht is probably the biggest award show on earth - the oscars, n i m jus smiling like a fool. Slumdog has jus won 5 oscars so far, my fav musician has jus won back to back 2 oscars. *Best Original Score & Best Song (Jai Ho!!)*

WOW!!! with all the hype about an oscars, all the years that India pined for atleast one, here its a clean sweep of 5 so far!!!

I feel proud that I m Indian. It doesnt take an oscar for that but this just seems like added glitter. I feel proud that we touch souls like none another. I feel proud that inspite of all the difficulties, we smle. and make others smile too. I m grinning like a happy fool ryt now, and this is the best morning i hav awoken to in a long long time. :)

I feel like its an award that should hav come home long ago, because Indians know how to create magic on screen. esp, Rahman. but what do they say here in our homeland. the fruits of awaiting are always sweet. what say eh?

P.S : jus as i completed this, Slumdog won the 6th one!!!! best direction!!! WOW!!!! :)

And the 7th one too... :)

P.P.S : Allryt... making a perfect sweep.. we jus got the 8th one. - the best one of all.. BEST PICTURE!!! CAn it get any better??? :) :P :D


Dr Riya said...

Yeh.. Its completely magical moment.. This is amazing.. Wow.. Completely the best morning i have awaken to see this beautiful thing on screen.. Me too really proud to be an indian.. Really this is great.. Its the oscars.. Truely deserving.. And i must say this could have been ours long time back.. But rightly said.. Its ours.. And the fruit is sweetest when waited long for.. Kudos.. Rehman rocks..

Joo said...

Yep. I'm watching it too.
But it deserves it!

IceMaiden said...

yesss.... it jus got over n it won 8 oscars. here we spent YEARSSSS waiting for even one and here we won EIGHT!!!! WOW! :O

अविनाश said...

Jai ho....


Nikhil said...

once again India proves its mettle in front of the whole world...A.R.Rehman does it again big time!! Jai ho!

Dr Riya said...

Hey.. And the eight one comes.. This is really great..:-) unbelievable.. Really very i amazing moment..

The Wanderer said...

Excuse me, the overexcited guys and gals.. has anyone stopped for a while and realised that Slumdog is NOT an Indian Movie.. it is just a Hollywood movie with a Mumbai backdrop showcasing the poor, grim India which the 'goras' love to see!

Was Slumdog India's official entry to the Oscars? NO!!

Was it produced/directed by an Indian producer/director? NO!!

Think for a moment- if an INDIAN director/producer had made a movie about a poor guy getting rick in a game show, would it ever make it to Oscars?? NO!!!

For the record, India's official entry for the Oscars this year was Taare Zameen Par which did not even make it to nominations!

While I am really happy to see Rahman getting 2 Oscars, I do not see any point in people going gaga over an INDIAN movie winning 8 Oscars..grow up people.. Slumdog is NOT AN INDIAN MOVIE!!

IceMaiden said...


agreed tht the movie is NOT indian... bt its very heart n soul is indan. the categories tht the movie won the oscars for were largely musical. which means Rahman, the music tht every single indian loves n listens to everyday. inspite fo being made by a westerner, it remained so starkly TRUTHFUL to wht real india is!!!! instead of being like amitabh bachan n turning our noses away from wht Mumbai or India is.. look wht an outsider saw in our country n made it into a masterpeice ppl will NEVER forget. :)

for d moment, stop thinking abt the dharavi ki galliyan n the shit, look at emotions in the movie, the smiles, the laughter, the i-dun-giv-a-shit-im-poor attitude of the kids. the story. its awesome. it deserved every single credential it got!!!

as for ur TZP argument, lemme tell u, its a fairytale to imagine ppl like Nikumb *aamir khan in the movie* here. ppl in the west accept things like dyslexia, autism and such. here ppl want to cover it up n grow 'rankers' in their children. hence the movie probably looked weird to the guys out there. n hence it wasnt even nominated.

Karan, i believe we all are addicted to rain dance outine, cashing on the public sympathy kind of movies. thats y, an OSCAR is somethng only we can dream of. we hav all the materail RIGHT here, bt NO ONE... i repeat NO ONE will even want to accept the facts here.

Lotsa Luv,

IceMaiden said...

n yes, an indian director/producer would even thought of story lines like these... the ppl here care more abt wht controverses are there surrounding the mobie, the 'SUPERSTARS' *rolls eyes*, the publicity... blah blah blah. NONE gives a shittt abt the storyline. so noone will even dream of making a masterepiece lik dis one in our homeland. :)

A.prem said...

I second annie. Its fairly impossible for indian directors or producers to even think of directing/scripting epic movies like these.Also, highly impossible for them to show mere crude truth that they all know about but they happily prefer living in their bubble!!

The movie is not indian, Agreed. For me, I'm more than happy for Rehman winning 2, also for the other six coz its based on my city [true, raw, nude] And I'm very proud if some person can capture my city with all its emotions and execute it with such incomparable intelligence!

A.prem said...

it is just a Hollywood movie with a Mumbai backdrop showcasing the poor, grim India which the 'goras' love to see!

@ THE BLUE INDIAN :: have you ever spoken to any of the "goras" in mumbai and asked what they like about our city?Try doing that.. you might change your opinion/generalizing 'goras'.
Also, probably, you are a blind enough to not to see the sentiments and only crib about the "grim India" shown which is reasonably close to reality!

Ashrita said...

I am so happy :) But I beg to differ a little bit here. And I agree somewhat with Karan.

It is RAHMAN who won the Oscars. The movie was not made by an Indian. Think of Karan Johar/Farah Khan or even Shekhar Kapur for that matter flying up to UK and filming a beautiful movie which wins at the oscars. Let us say all 8. At that time, I think we would still maintain that India won the oscars isn't it?!

But nonetheless, in Rome do as the Romans do, it suits best here. So all hail Slumdog. Jai Ho India!

The Wanderer said...


Relax dear.. the LONG argument about why Slumdog is better than TZP and why Indian movies will never win an Oscar was totally unwarranted.. I only brought out the fact that Slumdog is an out-and-out Hollywood movie with an INDIAN THEME and NOT and INDIAN MOVIE.

I never said Slumdog is a bad movie, I loved it. Slumdog deserves all the Oscars for its own merit. My only point is- do not look at it as OUR INDIAN MOVIE getting an Oscar. Its one well-made Hollywood movie winning an Oscar. Simple.

Btw Annie, even "Satan's Darling" agrees with me. :)

The Wanderer said...


Hey chill! No need nitpicking one line from my entire comment- you are reading it out of context. The only point I was making there is that the Oscar guys loved the concept of "real India, poor India" probably because the movie was made by a Hollyoowd guy and not a mainstream Bollywood guy!

have you ever spoken to any of the "goras" in mumbai and asked what they like about our city?Try doing that.. you might change your opinion/generalizing 'goras'.

Well, can't say about ALL the goras, but the Oscar guys definitely seem to love the grim poor India more than the valiant brave India! (remember Lagaan?)

freeSpirit said...

Oye.. India HAS won an oscar before.. Bhanu Athaiya won in best costumes category for Gandhi.

Closeguy said...

I have to agree with BLUE INDIAN..

The movie is not INDIAN & chances of its getting nominated for BEST FILM is because the conception Western countries have about India " POOR COUNTRY WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE " ..( Well. Not all people might be thinking so but majority of them surely do..right?)

And the movie won because - This "So called reality" is been portrayed nicely.

But so what?---- We are happy that not only Rehman but Gulzar & Pokutty won too... Jai Ho :)

DeJaVu said...

yes..i second that.. pookutty rocks too! :P

AR Rahman is without a doubt one of the most genius men the world has seen and no indian can help but only swell with pride seeing him perform with the perfect Indian Spirit during Jai ho and O saya on the most coveted stage in the world! The stage was literally ablaze and the booming Indian music is testimony to the fact that its not just our poverty and population and dreamy-eyed-hopeful people that fascinate the foreigners but the music of the indian spirit of ethereal beauty and rejoice!

and thats y Rahman aptly sums it up.. Jai ho!

P.S. n you just cant help loving Danny Boyle as he jumped like a merry kid on the stage with exuberance, humility and real appreciation for india just beaming from his face!

Lov d entire SlumDog team..

Lancelot said...

Oh honey SLumdog is an english film with english(to be technically correct white men)technicians...just that it had a handful of Indian actors and the music by an Indian...so technically we got only 3 oscars out of the 8...(and my opinion about the movie is already out and u read :P)

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