Oct 18, 2009

Mindblowing Welcome - III

The guys who have come in are very drunk and immediately the guys form a protective circle around us. :P Drunk#1 takes one look at the open vending machine, the coke in Deepaks hand, and looks like hes going to have a spasm :P Drunk#2 is a wimp of sorts who obviously looks up to & acts like he follows all instruction by Drunk#1.

Drunk#1 quickly summarises the issue at hand in his own words - we are the drunk youngsters *which we were NOT!!!*, who decided to stay back in the dining hall when everyone else has gone back to their rooms *we were FORCED to stay there because of the freaking hail!!!* & we decided to vandalize the hall.. *rolls eyes* :

Comes next is the most hilarious convincing game we have ever played :P
Drunk#1 : Yeh dekho yeh diwal, aap logon ne todd ki (accusingly) Look here, you people have broken this wall.
Pratik : (calmly) Humne nai todi baba, dekho yeh darwaza, hawa se yeh zorse takraya aur diwal ki frame ki wajah se toot gaya.. We didnt do anything, because of the wind, the door slammed into the wall & it broke because of the frame.
Drunk#1 : (vehemently) mereko c****** mat banao. main engineer hu!!! dont make a fool of me, im an engineer
Gulshan: (even more aggressively) Aree toh hum kya hai? Hum bhi engineers hai!!! Accha aisa hai toh aap diwal todd ke batao!!! :P :P :P Then what are we? We are also engineers. if it is indeed so the break the wall & show me!!
Deepak & Pratik hurry toward to calm down our Batinda ki sikhni :P

Next these people go into a half an hour worth of lectures which started at kharab quality of cement used for building the wall and ranged over the entire Mechanics we learned in 1st year, & finally ended when Drunk#2 took the discussion to deeper waters when he spotted the coke bottle which was STILL in the idiot's hand! *rolls eyes*

Drunk#1 : yeh coke toh aapne churayi haina??!!! chori toh ki hai!! You have stolen the coke!!
Everyone looks here & there, wondering how to get out of this.
Deepak says: Haan toh yeh to maine li hai, toh aap merese paise le lo.... Main subah dene wala tha paise, yaha pe koi nai tha... he finishes rather lamely :P I have taken it, so take the money from me, There was noonbe here I was going to give the money in the morning.

After half hour of convincing , during which the storm calmed down to a slight wind & occasional lightening, we girls started getting really bored of the whole drama, Shilpa enquired (its around 1.30 in the night) is there any chicken left around here??!! :P , in true wizards style, we even took a few pics here & there, people posing & all, while Pratik & Deepak (the CR's of the class btw :P) sorted out the whole matter.

Finally after a long Bollywood like eventful night, we set out from the dining hall, its still dark, but there is no hail, its cold & my wet clothes are making me shiver like mad.. & then me & Pranita spotted something that made us shreik. The guys came running forward, anxiously looking at us, expecting some exclamation like "snake!" or "tiger!" lolz. As it turns out, the wind had shook up the mango trees all over the hotel area & the ground was strewn with kairi's (raw mango). And as expected me & Pranita went mad, running in opposite directions gathering up the mangos as if they were made of gold :P

We reach our rooms, & its starts to rain again. Deepak is disappointed his Bollywood fantasy didnt come true, and to cheer him up *wink wink* we invite him up to d girls room :P He, as expected, jumps at the chance, actually going in his room to check his hair & dab some perfume. lolz :P We trudge up to the CC's room (my room) where we throw the guys out & get changed of the wet clothes & the girls crib about how they are running out of night suits & then claiming my extra ones :P (I had 5 of them... what??!! I ALWAYS carry unneccsary stuff.. lolz Im a girl!! :P)

We go to the adjoining room, where a dumb charades session is already on the way. I go join Nik's team & take advantage of Mundu in the other team by giving movies like "syed abrahim ko tsunami se daar lagta hai" :O *we always give such crazy home productions :P* where Mundu hits the people sitting in the front row while depicting the word Tsunami *apparently this signifies destruction, hence he hit people :O :P :D* At last they get the movie *rolls eyes*. Nik is even more shana, he has invited signs for Biology, Physics & Chemistry (because we normally give complicated words from these subjects :P) & so we quickly get all the movies :P People start falling asleep & the Deepak proposes to shift the game to his room *in a come-hither-sultry voice* we throw pillows on him (and I think we even threw Rahul ON him) and shut him up :P

The dumb charades continued for hours, laughing & joking & dancing. We absolutely LOVED the first day of our 10 day trip, & at 5 in the morning, we girls retire to our rooms & another session starts - GOSSIP!!! :P :D :D the details of which I obv cant give here. :P We finally slept when the first rays of dawn started to creep into the room.

Morning revealed more secrets from the night. The funniest of which is this : Yogi had put this clothes in the evening to dry out on trees in the lawn *why would ANYONE do that!!! sheesh!!! :P* & during the storm all this clothes flew away & were found miles away from the original spot. But very strangely his underwear was in the same place. Making us all wonder, how can jeans fly away but not underwear!!! This provided the source of "IronMan Underwear" & "Yeh andaar ki baat hai" jokes all through the remainder of the trip...


Damn I miss the awesome days! *sad smile* :)



bliss said...

awww sounds like so much fun time!!!!! made me remember one such trip with friends!!!!! m glad u had such a great time!! :)gossiping is always fun1! cheers!!

Destiny's child... said...

Awsome! You had real good fun, right? Or may be it is an understatement. Nothing better than gossip with girls late at night, when on a trip! And yes, a wonderful read...:)
Keep smiling Annie! :)

buckingfastard said...

is dere ny movie by dat name.. o_O

u ppl shud represent india in international charades competition if any :P

haha...u ppl got caught stealin...

isse baccho ye sikhne ko milta hai...ki widout backup plan chori karna paap hai!!!

IceMaiden said...

@bliss, Destiny's child,

All girls can immediately relate to gossiping fun.. lolz :P It IS so much funnnn!!!! :)


no baba, no movie by that name, those were 'home productions' :P

ya srsly, we have some serious cartoons :P

areeeee not stealing... 'borrowing' :P :D just one coke.. shayyyy wht nonsense :P

shilpa said...

Seriously yar...dat was the best day of our lyf....it was a lyfetime experience...and a grand welcome!
u knw usi din pata chal gaya tha ki age ke 9 din kitne sahi honge!!!!
Missing those days..missing quad...Missing Photo sessions...Missing trips...Missing Dumb charads...Missing Paschim Express& Garib Rath...Missing shot Gang...Missing RR's...Missing wizards! :( :( :(

Penguin said...

Am dying to read the Nainital-ki-galiyon part...hurry up with your story!! ;)

IceMaiden said...


awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!1 ya i know babes... I miss it all too!!!

>:D< :(

But remember what we always say..."NO matter what we do and where we go, we ill always stay connected... Wizards for life... " :) :) :)

oh I wasnt plannin on writing that but now I am :P :D

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