Dec 31, 2009

And its that time of the year again...

I swear the first thing that comes to my mind on this New Years is that the year went by SO soon! It feels like just yesterday that I was changing my calender from 2008 to 2009... But its over now and there are so many things that have changed... so many things that are gone and so many that are new and are taking some getting used to... so many things have happened since...

This was the year of a lot of first's and last's...

First real, hurts-like-hell, almost-killed-me heartbreak..
Never thought Ill survive it but I DID! Thanks to 2009 for bringing this change which in turn changed a lot of things in my life..

First tattoo..
"You can do anything you want, if you only believe in yourself.."

Last trip with the Wizards...Last sem of college... seeing the Last of VJTI...
The last trip with the Wizards was just as awesome as all the other ones, but this one made everyone laugh a lot more, cry a lot more and hold hands a lot tighter because who knows when we all would meet again...

Last farewell ... Last of paperball throwing and bunking lects to go sit in the quad...
College got over after all, saying goodbye to dear friends I will never meet again was so strange... Seeing my bestest friends leave for US was even worse, for a moment there I felt so alone. But as it turns out I wasnt and life had so many goodies in store for me.

First job... First business suit and Last of those girly skirts :P
The job that I was so dreading to walk into on the 1st of July, turned out to be everyone's envy for being so incredibly COOL! :) I'm having such a great time, in my own world, on my own.. nothing really beats this feeling.. :)

First online friends..
This year saw me getting addicted to the net like never before. LOL. This place.. Blogsville.. has been so crazy and sweet and bitter and fun and... so unpredictable. It made me sad and it made me happy. I am not much of a believer in analyzing every single thing that happens, like a true engineer I just look for the end result :) which was that I made some really good friends and learnt some really important lessons :)

First walks alone... Last walks with fingers intertwined..
First feeling of being free... and independent..
For the first time in my entire 22 years of life, this year made me do things on my own, be there for myself. It was strange because I have always had someone or the other with me all the time, but it was easy to get used to, and it wasn't quite so weird anymore. Lately I think I like taking those walks alone, I like doing things that are impulsive and crazy (I can see Arnab grinning now :P) and I sure like the feeling of being so independent. I swore to myself, and I have every intention of keeping that promise, that I will never let anyone take this away from me.
Noone. Ever.

I dont know what happens in the next year, everything is unplanned. Things are hazy and blurry, I dont know exactly what I want to do and who I want to end up being.. and I think that is just fine. Things will work out in the way they want to and when they want to. Till then.. well.. rock on \m/ :)

I hope everyone else is looking forward to the new year and the surprises in store too! Wishing all of you a very happy new year! Mwah! love ya all! :)

~ Annie.
P.S: Me: "Bye bhi nai bola".. Nik (grinning): "Hi bola tha kya?" Thanks for saying :)


Misty Rhythm said...

what a year this has been, eh! i'm so glad u've come out as a much stronger, vibrant person...may you always remain this way :))


Iddy Albatross said...

Sounds like some year you had... here's hoping you have another rocking year ahead of you! Cheers...

P.S. What crazy impulsive things were you talking about there...??

Destiny's child... said...

When you actually look at all the things that have happened it feels like the year was loong...but we didn't even realize how time flew! Here's wishing you a very happy new year! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Hope that the year 2010 turns out to be the best one so far in your life. :)

Happy New Year!!!


The Double Inverted Commas said...

You mention that you got over a "never thought I would, almost-killed me heartbreak". How did you do it? Please share

Arslan said...

Happy New Year!! Here's hoping that this year you find a love as intense and amazing as the one you lost..

Unknown said...

wish you an awesome 2010! :) Your blog is like your reflection your know... Everytime I hop by, it doesn't feel like an internet conversation... Happy new Year!

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Well eevrybody survives
Have faith in you and everything else falls in place :)

I hope 2010 is even better and has more 'goodies' in store for you!

IceMaiden said...

Yeah it has been one heck of a year! :) Glad its made me stronger too! :)


Yeah it was one crazy year.. And impulsive.. well lets just say I saw something I feel in love with and my dearest frnd gave me the 'nudge' to go buy it! :P I hope more impulsive things happen this year too! :)

@Destiny's Child,
Yes I know! It seems like just yesterday.. Gosh! Its been a year.. :) Happy new year to you too!

I hope so too! :) Wish you a very happy new year and heres hoping that 2010 turns out to be ur best too! *hugs*

Blunt Edges said...

it sure was an eventful year 4 u n beautifully summed up! :)

have a super-wonderful 2010 :D

IceMaiden said...

@Double Inverted Commas,
Go through my previous year posts, they say it all :)

Happy new year to you!
Heres hoping I dont find love at all for some while :P :) I think I need a breather :)

@Anu & Lavender,
Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
N happy new year to you all too! :)

Happy new year! :) Wish it turns out to be eventful for you too!

Dr. Acula said...

Loved the post Ann! :) :) :) Just loved each and every sentence! :) We're going to have a HAPPY new year alright! :D :D :P

IceMaiden said...


*hugs tight right back* :)
Yes it will be! :)

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