Dec 24, 2011

A Christmas Wish

For the longest time, I have had only one wish this time of the year. Having stayed in Mumbai, hot and humid Mumbai, all my life, I have always wished for Christmas that was like this -

(found here)

Winter always brings out the me that likes to stay up late into the night, feet wrapped in warm blankets, wondering how the world looks like on the other side.

~ Annie.
P.S: Merry Christmas folks! :)
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Anil Sawan said...

if not Christmas, I wish you have a season like that soon :P

Eeshie said...

I live in NYC, and I HATE SNOW!


ani_aset said...

we have a little nip in the air atleast :D now

IceMaiden said...

me too! I wish too!! :)

REALLY?! wow! I would kill to have a bit of snow!! :)

We do!! and hey long time! How have you been? :)

ani_aset said...

me has been the good :) always glad to be back

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