Jan 13, 2012


Dear Dallas, 

This is not easy - saying bye to you, because possibly unknown to you, you have become one of the most integral parts of my life. I know you will be back soon, but from the moment we all were shouting over the phone - you in your balcony and me in a Marks and Spencers changing room, about your acceptance letter - I have been all too aware of the fact that you will also be gone, for a good long time. I know people change over the years, distances makes cracks in relationships that sometimes no amount of love can heal, and I am scared that we will too, drift apart like all those other people. I am scared that when you come back, you will be a changed man, with other priorities, other people and other dreams than catching a 9.00PM R-City movie show or mushroom garlic sandwich at Aromas with hot chocolate. Maybe it is selfish of me, but I wish to keep you for myself and our little group. *sad smile*

I always keep cracking jokes about the *lack* of your love life - man have they have livened up many a conversation or what! - leaving us all in splits and you with a straight face. I especially remember all those times, we spill your beans in front of complete strangers, while they too laugh about the situations you manage to land yourself into. The candid, endless talks between you, me and Anupam about sex and all things related, the promise of a lap dance in the future sponsored by my husband :D, all the times we argued over which Victoria's Secret Angel deserves a special place in our fantasies (yea, it so rocks to have a bi friend, doesn't it?) - I am going to miss all of this. Inspite of the short time we actually spent together, the three of us, you have become an inseparable part of our lives and I hope you will always remember that.

And something I have never actually told you, or Anupam for that matter, is just how proud I am of you. No, not for Cornell, or for being a smarty, but for being who you truly are - a simple, down to earth, kind and loving human being. How proud you make me, when you infact DONT "get laid". :) Because it makes me feel so good to know that the elusive concept of a "Prince Charming" that we all women grow up with, its not a lie. It is you. I makes me happier than you know, to be absolutely sure, that you will never ever break a woman's heart. The love you have for Dahlia, for Anupam, for all your friends, maybe even for me :) - it is all proof enough for the wonderful heart you have. Please don't ever change, Dallas. 

When I imagine the future, as things have fallen into place this last year, like a big jigsaw puzzle, I imagine you, me, Anupam and Nutties, lazying around on some beach in South Goa, just outside the house we joke about buying (my husband is rich, he WILL buy it! :P :P :P), having a beer (and chai for Anupam), just sit there and laugh about all the jokes that will be "evergreen jokes" of yesteryear, be stinking rich enough to sit there and eat as much Goan Fish Curry as we like, play as many games of 'Risk' as we like and be truly content with whatever we manage to accomplish in life. I know its not a dream, I know its a reality waiting to happen a few years from now, and I hope that we all will still be as close as we are now.. :) No matter what, I will always be there for you. Promise. :)

This will always remain our best picture! :)

Love always, 
P.S: Come back soon for hot chocolate soon!
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Nisarg said...

Wow, that's as good a farewell(meet you soon) speech I've ever read ... and it's because it came from the heart, not the mind ... wow!

Anil Sawan said...

is he coming for the wedding?? i d like to say hi to him :)

Novocaine said...

Good luck for the new phase of life :)

IceMaiden said...

Thanks! :)

No, he is not :( He will return for Christmas 2012. :)

Will pass on the wishes! :)

Dhanya said...

That's really such a heart-warming post Annie. I'm sure your friend must have cried a bucketful after reading this :) God willing everything will fall into place, and the distance will only make your friendship stronger.

Lady Whispers said...

Wow such an awesome post :)
God bless your friendship always :)

IceMaiden said...

@Dhanya & Lady Whispers,
Thank you! *touchwood* for our friendship! :)

Dallas said...

And you shall always be my best woman :-)

PS. I'll come back soon! And yes, the Goa dream will happen soon.. :)

PPS. Hoping Pam finds his better half soon :P

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