Mar 24, 2012

Happy Birthday! :)

I cannot believe I have been blogging for FOUR years! 

My baby is big! Yayie! Have a cupcake y'all! 

Since I am in a great mood (though I do not know how many comments I will actually receive on this one :D) I feel like giving away return gifts for all the birthday wishes on my blogs behalf! :) I have made the comment section private, added anonymous users, will not be publishing any of the comments - anyone who wants a return gift handmade by me, please leave your address (you may or may not write your real name, its ok to be She/He/Ms. A/Mr. Z AND you can be from ANY continent. yes Dallas even you can wish me to expect a gift! :P) and I will courier it to you NOW! Goes without saying, all information will be completely confidential, and really I swear, I am very harmless, my handwriting is readable, and I wont send you crap! :) 



Thank you sooooo much guys for the comments!  :D :D I will now make the comments public again, and everyone who gave me your addresses, you lovely people - Your gifts will be on the way soon! :D :)
P.S: Hakuna Matata | Lion King :)

Mar 17, 2012

Sachin. Enough Said. \m/

Song for the occasion undoubtedly

Did you know Sachin featured in my wedding invitation? :D 
[yes, we are THAT crazy about Sachin Tendulkar]

Which reminds me I haven't shared my wedding invite on my blog yet! :D [Parents did the traditional invite, but I knew I was going to design my own wedding invite someday, with everyone asking us HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! just adding to the need to have a personalized invite!] I designed the invite and Nutties took all the pictures used. He also made a KICKASS video version of the invite which got like a gazillion likes! :D So here - sharing some pictures.. :)

I wanted to add a "How convenient." below but Nutties thought it was kind of stupid! :P
 (I still think it would have been cute!)

It says at the bottom that I am in love with Roger Federer 
while he is a die hard Rafael Nadal fan :)

 Our list of common likes.. Isn't that a great pic? :)

 That is another really nice pic he took! 
And that book is open on the Taurus-Sagittarius page.. :D

 Haha! This was his idea! *rolls eyes*

Again a picture he took ..

One of my fav movie quotes :) 

Picture credits for the couple picture above the text 
go to my bestie and Madgaon railway station :P 

Couple of pages for the Kerala and Mumbai receptions..

Pretty awesome, I know! :D I was all crazy-bitch-mode when I was getting all this done, I think at one point I spent the whole day at the printers obsessing over whether he was cutting it right. :P I was also shouting myself hoarse at Nutties about the video that wasnt happening, and I think he almost dumped me, and then I was shouting over THAT, because it would then defeat the purpose of the invite! :D :) The night before we handed out the invites, I even dhapped Nutties ka lighter to make sure the ribbon that I used to tie the booklet doesn't fray. Yes, I get THAT obsessive about something that I create! :P

P.S: We did a timelapse for the little book flipping the pages by itself in the video. Its awesome! :D 
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Mar 14, 2012

EPIC WTF Moment In The Life Of Me!

Something so incredible happened on Holi, that I have been meaning to write about it, to spread the awareness more than anything else, but somehow just haven't found the time to do so! 

So, as some of you may know, I used to volunteer for Teach For India at a local municipal school. I used to go on Saturdays, and generally help out the wonderful TFI Fellow teachers Ritika and Namita with the second grade class full of incredibly AWESOME children! :) My third week there, I took Nutties along, and we ended up taking some REALLY great pictures there. I think we started dating the following week! :) 

In particular two pictures kinda made it big - one of a girl called Zahraa, taken by Nutties

and one of a girl called Sameera, taken by me 

These both pictures were pretty much the starting point of us both taking our photography seriously. [Yes new followers, we take awesome pictures of awesome people. Like as a weekend profession. I don't even know what that means... but well you get the point.]

Now here is what happened -

At first I went - OMGWTFNOSERIOUSLYWHATTHEFCK?!?!?!?!? Then I calmed down a little bit.

We are still trying to figure out how in the world did THAT happen. What saddens me, is that the school is a complete state of disarray, Ritika has been running around trying to get some help to repair the school (The roof actually fell. While a class was on. Little children. The school is located next to a drain that always overflows. And the children still come by, to study. Doesn't that make you, even the gentle folk, really really angry?) And here is this... advertisement(?) which speaks for itself. 

Here is what you can do to help me. PLEASE spread the word. If you Facebook (its ok if you are not really active), please share this blogpost. Please tweet about this. Please blog about it, linking back to this post. All in the hopes that if someone, anyone, could tell me what I can do about this.

~ Annie.
P.S: You can reach me on
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