Mar 17, 2012

Sachin. Enough Said. \m/

Song for the occasion undoubtedly

Did you know Sachin featured in my wedding invitation? :D 
[yes, we are THAT crazy about Sachin Tendulkar]

Which reminds me I haven't shared my wedding invite on my blog yet! :D [Parents did the traditional invite, but I knew I was going to design my own wedding invite someday, with everyone asking us HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! just adding to the need to have a personalized invite!] I designed the invite and Nutties took all the pictures used. He also made a KICKASS video version of the invite which got like a gazillion likes! :D So here - sharing some pictures.. :)

I wanted to add a "How convenient." below but Nutties thought it was kind of stupid! :P
 (I still think it would have been cute!)

It says at the bottom that I am in love with Roger Federer 
while he is a die hard Rafael Nadal fan :)

 Our list of common likes.. Isn't that a great pic? :)

 That is another really nice pic he took! 
And that book is open on the Taurus-Sagittarius page.. :D

 Haha! This was his idea! *rolls eyes*

Again a picture he took ..

One of my fav movie quotes :) 

Picture credits for the couple picture above the text 
go to my bestie and Madgaon railway station :P 

Couple of pages for the Kerala and Mumbai receptions..

Pretty awesome, I know! :D I was all crazy-bitch-mode when I was getting all this done, I think at one point I spent the whole day at the printers obsessing over whether he was cutting it right. :P I was also shouting myself hoarse at Nutties about the video that wasnt happening, and I think he almost dumped me, and then I was shouting over THAT, because it would then defeat the purpose of the invite! :D :) The night before we handed out the invites, I even dhapped Nutties ka lighter to make sure the ribbon that I used to tie the booklet doesn't fray. Yes, I get THAT obsessive about something that I create! :P

P.S: We did a timelapse for the little book flipping the pages by itself in the video. Its awesome! :D 
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PeaBee said...

That was are SO creative! I absolutely love how made it so personalised, with references and details! And i just cannot get over that snitch proposal :')
And you do this for a living? Thats so cool. Im not getting married or anything anytime soon but i shall contact you for that in about 12 years from now for sure :O

PeaBee said...

Just to be clear i wont be contacting you for marriage, but for designing the invitation card :P
Oh and the 'how convenient' would&ve been cute, yeah :D

simply me said...


Ruhani said...

Fuuuuuuuu :O
Are you pretty damn awesome or are you pretty damn awesome? :O
As if the snitch proposal wasn't enough :O
Damn! God bless both of you, and while he's at it, may he also consider giving me such a Fairytale wedding[7 years down the line or something like that I think]
And yes, you shall be contacted for the wedding invitation, oh yes you will be! Brilliant job done! =D

D said...

really really amazing! loved the invite! of course

and yea i will get in touch with you if i marry the love of my life!!! mwaahhh

Lady Whispers said...

WOW this is exactly the kind of invite I had in mind whenever I marry :)

Though things would be written but the personalized ones I want for my special group of friends....and I am so touching base with u both once that happens :D ( first let me meet the guy offcourse :P)

Totallly loved it and u actually had a fairytale wedding :)
God bless u both always :)

Meeli said...

ANNIE...its simply AWESOME.....such a creative it it...I loved it. And god bless both of you....n i pray to GOD to make ur life more creative than this.

- Sugar Cube - said...

woho amazing! the pictures are wonderful and so is the concept! ekdum style mein han ;)

Novocaine said...

Amazing :-)

IceMaiden said...

Thank you so much! :) :) I do this for weekend-living.. :P On weekdays I Facebook. (Social Media Marketing.. :P) I am going to drag Nutties here and make him read your comment! 'how convenient' would have been cute!! :)

@Simply Me,
Thank you!! :) :)

Haha! Thankies! :D :)

Thank you!! :)

Having a personalized invite at your wedding indeed adds to the "cute" quotient. I DID have the fairytale wedding :P hehe! Which got done in 3 minutes! :P Thank you!! :) :)

Awww... Thanks!! :) :)

@Sugar Cube,
Will pass compliments to the photographer.. :D :P Thank you!! :) :)

Thank you!! :) :)

That random chick person said...

This is an amazing idea! If you'd been on this side of the border I would've killed to have you do this for my hypothetical wedding!

Anupam Gupta said...

Loved the invite. Seems so long ago now.

Thank you for crediting me for the pic btw. :) I will not sue you for copyright infringement anymore. :P

You will, of course, do the invites/photography for my bro's wedding next year. :D


Unknown said...

Oh jeez am I the only guy to think that was totally awwwwwesome?

Pretty interesting job you got too.

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