Oct 11, 2009

Mindblowing Welcome - II

We run to the dining hall that is dark and empty, but thankfully open for us to take shelter from the cold rain. The wind chimes make the most beautiful sounds as the wind kicks up a strom, trees and leaves swaying like they were made of paper. Shilpa and I are overcome with excitement as we get drenched to our skins in the cold harsh rain. We all stand on the front steps, reluctant to go in, take shelter because right then in the darkness, with not a single soul in sight, this was turning out to be quite some night.

Half of us are getting wet when some cold and INCREDIBLY heavy lands on my head. I give a howl of pain and squint up and realise that it was ice. Its raining HAIL!!! Cussing and howling we run into the hall, as big huge hailstones droped from the sky. The echoing sound in the darkness sounded like gunshots. The door refused to stay put and kept banging against the frame. We all wondered what to do next. It looked like we were stranded.

Pratik, Deepak and I try our engineering heads to somehow attach a big spoon used earlier in the night to serve chicken, to hold the door in place. After few miserable attempts we finally manage to shut the door. We all gather near the door, talking excitedly (my head injury all forgotten :P) All too soon, thanks to deepak, a Bollywood like situation was envisioned, with a group of young enthusiastic idiots forced to spend the night in a room togther as it rained (hailed) outside with no escape in sight. Maybe some singing and dancing (again thanks to deepak :P) Maybe some Bhoot ki kahaniyan. Our excitement knew no bounds. So its decided that we gather up some chairs and get cosy.

Deepak in his enthusiasm has gone to the Coke vending machine and finds that it is unlocked. So smartass decides its a awesome thing and grabs a coke and turns to us yelling 'Hey guys look at this!!!' Some of us are overjoyed and step towards the machine.

Then two things happened at the same time.

As our backs are turned towards Deepak, one huge hailstone comes and crashes right on the door glass. And a big crack runs right across it, it dislodges the spoon and with full force the door does a 180, sweeping over where we were standing exactly 2 seconds ago, and bangs on the wall. And large peices of the wall come crashing down.

For a split second noone moves a muscle.

Before we could make some sense of the broken door, the fast crumbling wall and the coke in Deepaks hand, two big burly men, also very drunk, come pushing into the room. They looked like they were the people in charge and boy oh boy, they did NOT look happy at all!

To be continued....


Soin said...

so it takes a engg to use a spoon as a door stopper?

IceMaiden said...

:P naahh... we were laughing our head off at some really miserable attempts, and then someone said 'ufff guys we are engineers, we SHOULD get this done :P'

Destiny's child... said...

Ice maiden, you have me falling off my seat...enough of suspense building, can't wait to read part 3!!! bring it on! :D

buckingfastard said...

free cold drinks...yipeee....i want it too re!!!

its years since i saw a hail storm...lucky u!!!

phew!!! buildin excitement...nxt post quickly!!!

The Wanderer said...

Are you like planning to give Ekta Kapoor competition in "Longest Unnecessary Stretching of Story" category???

Khatam kar na ek baar me!

The Wanderer said...

BTW, I just noticed people are still eagerly waiting for "suspense" and "excitement"... please tell them that the most interesting part of the event is ALREADY OVER!!!

IceMaiden said...

@Destiny's Child...

Yes yes coming soon! :P
Dekhte rahiye, isi jagah, isi wakt :P

the 'free drinks' play an important part in our crazy adventure :P
coming soon last part III :)

shush!! :P abhi toh best part aana baaki hai :P :D which proved that we indeed ARE engineers :P lolz :P

muthu said...



when are you gonna post the next part..

eagerly awaiting..

Crazy Four said...

Lead us on maiden:D

gul... said...

amazing!!! just relived all of it...with a small technical error.. :P it was ME who opened the door and stole the pepsi...pak just dhaped it from me at the wrong time :P

IceMaiden said...

@muthu & crazy four,
sorry for taking soooo long.. but I simply dont get d time with office n all :P

OMGGGG!!! really? i never knew that!!!! :O wow.. deepak is srsly one nut!!! :P :D heheheheheh!!!

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