Sep 15, 2010

50 Totally Awesome, But Sadly Under-Rated Things.

  1. The way the top of a baby's head smells.
  2. A hand written letter.
  3. A totally senseless joke that noone but the right people understand
  4. The one place you always hung out in college.
  5. Holding hands without thinking.
  6. A sincere apology & an unexpected Thank You note.
  7. Old jeans that fit.
  8. Dairy Milk on a gloomy day.
  9. That feeling when your code works.
  10. Kiss on the forehead from someone who matters.
  11. Texting. (Why doesnt anyone text anymore? I like texting way more than chatting :( sigh.)
  12. The last five minutes of a ridiculously boring lecture.
  13. When Chandler proposed to Monica, Ross yelled "did she get off the plane? did she get off the plane?", Phoebe spoke to her triplets and said "It seems like yesterday I was talking to you in that little petri dish", Joey and Chandler hugged after they move in back together & Rachael turned 30.
  14. The feeling after you pee after you have held it too long.
  15. Teachers who knew you when you didn't have a fancy haircut, your nails weren't black and you didn't use slang.
  16. Finding money in your pockets.
  17. A day with friends doing absolutely NOTHING - and feeling like it wasn't a waste.
  18. Taking a photo at exactly that right moment.
  19. The last piece of chocolate cake.
  20. A really soft pillow.
  21. Checking out a guys butt at the mall with your girlies, and NOT getting busted. :D
  22. That feeling when your choked nostril opens up suddenly.
  23. The smell of fresh bedsheets that are sun-dried.
  24. Carrying the ice cube tray you just filled up all the way back to the freezer without spilling.
  25. Know that feeling when you are watching a movie, and suddenly you see the characters in movies visit a place you have been at, and you say 'hey I was thereee!!!'
  26. A Friday off from work. 
  27. When you are in that line at the railway ticket counter and its the only one that's actually moving. LOL :P
  28. Laughing so hard that you start to cry.
  30. When the waves wash up to you, and your feet sink into the sand. 
  31. Writing your name on a fogged up mirror / car window.
  32. Gel pens.
  33. Talking about cartoons / comics that you read as kids with someone who read them too! (Anyone read Champak / Tinkle / saw Top Cat / Flintstones here? Anyone?)
  34. The sound of a crackling bonfire.
  35. The sound of silence. (Anyone who enjoys trekking will know what I am talking about.)
  36. Badishop (thats marathi for what is Sauff in Hindi, and Aniseed in English) after dinner.
  37. Crayons.
  38. Unexpected and FAST downloading speed.
  39. A song from yesteryear playing on the radio late at night.
  40. Window seat on a Borivili - Churchgate Slow at 10.00 AM. :)
  41. Lyrics from long ago you still remember.
  42. Visiting places you used to go to as a kid.
  43. A bless you after you sneeze.
  44. The times in those first few days when your new favorite song is all you listen to. 
  45. The time between when you and he both know theres chemistry, and when its official. The "unofficial time".
  46. Yelling yourself hoarse when India's winning and Sachin's batting. \m/
  47. Turning out all the lights, and watching the lightening and the rain fall outside.
  48. Hot water bath after a tiring day.
  49. Managing to plug in the battery wire, before your laptop switches off / your phone dies in the middle of a conversation.
  50. The day when your boss takes an off. (such as today :P)
Updated more stuff:

Check the More Awesome Things list

P.S: Everyone concerned, both FB accounts are deactivated due to too much work and crazy life situations that need immediate handling. Hope to be back soon, but it will take a while. Please bear with me.

P.P.S: I know making lists is getting a lil repetitive, but this one just came to me because of point 50. :)
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Kanishk said...

There's already a discussion on fb abt u leaving again :P

Raj said...

hand written letters are real. they have emotion.:)

Dhanya said...

Nice list Annie! Dairy milk tends to make my day too :D Yummmmm...

Meera Parameswaran said...

Wow Annie, you have listed the smallest moments of life which most of the people experience.
I loved, LOVED it. I am going to save it and keep this in my comp and read it after ten years again. :)

Be back soon! On FB, I mean!

And Anjaana Anjaani songs are good, no? I am waiting for its release!

Luv ya. Tc! :*

Novocaine said...

Ok, where's the superlike button on your blog?

For trekking - the sound of silence occasionally broken by a chi-chi, sound of flowing water and a distant roar!

Angels Never Lie said...

oh wow dats a wonderful list....wot i missed is- da smell of wet soil after rain...dese small things can bring a big smile on our face so dey shunt be under rated nymore

The Wanderer said...

#14: TMI!
#21: TMI TMI!!
#40: Churchgate FAST. From Malad. :D

One I would add-

#51: The feeling on seeing a glimpse of that one girl you have a crush on, at unexpected place like railway station or bus stop :)

PS: Updated my blog after long. Stop by.

Destiny's child... said...

Each one like you said, is under rated but totally awesome. I used to read Champak and tinkle! I still read tinkle, when I can find one :)

IceMaiden said...


True that.

Yesh, mine too! :)

Thanks! :) Add to list too, Im sure you have lots more.. :)

Tujhe Bhula Diya is my most played song these days... and I dont even listen to hindi songs all that much :P :) So ye, its pretty awesome. Hope the movie's good too!

Thanks! :)
The sound of flowing water! This should on the list - updating now!

& I was talking about that absolute silence that actually seems like its filling up your ears. Its a heavenly feeling... :)

IceMaiden said...

@Angels Never Lie,
Thanks! :)
I didnt include the smell of wet earth because I think everyone likes it, so its not quite under-rated :)

TMI?... lol tu toh amrika jaake angrez ban gaya re!!! wait let me google.

Ok acccha, too much info? Well what can I say, you gotta do what you gotta do. :D

I agree with #51 :)
Stopping by now.

@Destiny's Child,
Yay! Tinkle was so awesome, I dont know what kids these days dont like it :( Sad.. Just a couple of days back, I was talking with friends and reminiscing about Suppandi, Uncle Pai, Ramu and Shamu, Kalia the crow, Shikari Shambhu, Tantri teh Mantri.... Sigh... Good ol' days :)

Onward said...

Firstly - Its Kerala!! :| ...u talk to me like almost every day!!gawwd!

Oh brilliant list...the chandler-joey moment always is such a warm moment..the meeting teachers bit mindblowing too..though never engineering college teachers!! :|

But the list got very girly towards the end 21 onwards!!!!!!

But the list definitely makes one think...for eg..i dont remember the last time i watched lightning in a dark room..hmmm...

Definitely one super cracking list :) but the tendulkar bit..low blow!!


Anwesa said...

This list made me feel good :)

Meher said...

I love the list.I totally loved it.So many things I could identify with.
and I love the smell of parle-g at vile parle station too.

buckingfastard said...

7>mom hates
9>dat awkward dance wen code works :)
16>finding money in frnds jeans' pocket u are wearing
29>bookmarks and bookmarkers...real wala

ooh lovely list!!:)

Blunt Edges said...

Oh boy ain't that the most awesome list ever!!

If I started listing out the points I liked, it would be a lot! So, not getting into that.

PS: Yes to Champak, Tinkle, Top Cat and Flintstones, but sure as hell don't wanna talk about it!! ;)

Beautiful post :)

bliss said...

whoa!!! awesome list! i read champak, tinkle, saw flintstones and top cats!!!! yayeeeee for on 3 because i am in that spot a bit too often. its such a waste when u know u cracked a great joke and those silly people just didnt get it!!!!! wats better is standing in a group and that joke and u look at your frnd in the eye and share a wink!!!!!!
yayeee for texting!! trust me, i text all the time!!!!!!!! i know wat u mean....
yayeeee for 13, 14, 16, 17 (major one!!!, 20, 24, 25, 37, 42... i dont know,ithink i i could relate to all yopur points.
do me a favour, never stop making these lists of yours. they are amazing!!!!!!! :)

bliss said...

btw, gel pens???? :O

Harini said...

I am lists girl so they never get boring or repetitive to me. I liked it, i might copy it with few changed :P. Oh, its good to know why you arent in FB :).

I loved the post!

IceMaiden said...

Haila nayi pic?! :P
And potato -potato, ek hi toh hai! lol :P

Thanks, and it SO is NOT girly! Hmph! :| True about the engg college teachers. ugh. :P

And try the lightening and dark room, or rather I should say sandstorm and dark room :P :)

Then hopefully my next post will make you feel ecstatic :) :)

Thanks!! :)
And that smell is so divine, takes you back to childhood na? :)

7. hehe, mine too :P
9. lol, joey dance i do :)
11. kyun?!
13. :D
16. never had that one :D
29. yesh :)

Thanks! :)

@Blunt Edges,
Thanks! :)

hehehe, Thanks! :)
and yea, I have an extreme liking for gel pens as opposed to ball pens :P infact I think stationary itself makes me very happy :D bachpan se geeky! :D hehe!
And btw, long time no see huh? Kithe hai?

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

the list was really beautiful..
especially 13: those are my favourite FRIENDS moments..really beautiful ones :)

nahl said...

new to your blog and absoloutely loved it not just this all the others too so...relatable :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Can't recall the last time I received a hand written letter

IceMaiden said...

Thanks! :)

Hi.. Thanks and welcome to my blog! Keep visiting :)

@Pesto Sauce,
I remember the last time I got one, but I cant remember the last time I wrote one :)

commited to life said...

hand written letters are a delight
my frnd and i used to write wen i was in hostel
she writes wonderful letter, the kind u feel good afte reading them no matter how bad a days is
we used to love the feeling wen the letter was droped at our door step after years(not litterally) of wait

it doesnt matter if the note is a thnak u note as long as it is frm someone who doesnt write generally

i like neither texting nor chatting.. people hav forgotten to call.. wen talk to ur best frnds for 3 hours in night.. bliss

i TOTALLY agree with pt 14

i prefer pilot pens.. it doesnt matter as long as it is not ball pen.. they seem.. so fake

i used to reas champak a lot.. i still do. have u seen tht cartoon-He Man. and some old doordarshan serials

yesteryear songs play on most stations of radio after 9.. i love to sleep while listening to them..

travelling on gate is far better than window seat

love the randon blessings.. there was a teacher who had habit of saying bless you, after any greeting he recieved.. that always made me smile

hot water bath always relaxes.. wen u r tired, or hav a sour mood

for that matter mom's food rocks

u knw my hostel was just behind parle-G factory.. we used to wake with the biscuit smell.. heaven!

wen u tip toe to fridge after a sudden wake from deep slumber caught hunger pangs

loved the blog..

Ananya said...

Loved reading them! :D

Unknown said...

annie wud like to add one more: an unexpected call on ur bday!!

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