Jun 6, 2011

Half Yearly Lessons

Random fact about me - I am a list person. I will make lists to plan things (almost like a timetable :P), to sort things, to buy things, to throw things out. I will make lists when I am angry, when I am sad, when I am happy. And I make lists when I am bored. Lists. About anything and everything and sometimes nothing significant at all.

About things I learnt in the first half of 2011.
  1. The time to do something you know you want to do - is NOW.
  2. Everyone thinks they are being paid less.
  3. Best friends are always too few and too precious to lose.
  4. No one is 'there' in their lives. Everyone has some crap going on that you may not be aware of.
  5. It takes serious effort to make a relationship happen.
  6. Nothing in life worth having comes easy.
  7. Doing what you LOVE most in life makes for a ... satisfying life.
  8. Its never too late to be what you would have been.
  9. Its a blessing to be loved by an honest man.
  10. Trying to be regular at gym sucks. But its just hard work. Pays after a while.
  11. Dancing like an idiot is wayyyyyy better than trying to be perfect at it :P
  12. Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass.
  13. Moms get angry. They yell. They talk nonsense. Its kind of like their essential pastime. Deal with it.
  14. Some people like you. Some people dont. Jeez get over it.
  15. Smart confident women who speak their mind and who are good at what they do intimidate boys. And such women always prefer the men over the boys. *wink*
  16. Planning to make someone's entire day awesome is exhausting. And. So. Totally. Worth. It.
  17. You realise who your closest friends are AFTER you are done with college. And that might surprise you!
  18. Just because you never fight doesnt mean that you are perfect for each other.
  19. Just because you fight often doesnt mean that you arent perfect for each other.
  20. Its SUPER HOT inside a stadium. Wonder how far in the future are the air conditioned stadiums.
P.S: Mumbai Monsoon. FTW. <3
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Anonymous said...

Some very inspiring points there. I like! ;)

Meera Parameswaran said...

Post title reminded me of Half Yearly Exams. :P :P :P

And Lists? :O Believe me when I say, *same pinch*!!!

Loved point number 5,7,13,14,15(:D),18,19 and the song too! :) :)

simply me said...

can i pl pl copy your list?????? (coz you simply spoke my mind :D :D )
it is simply perfect and 100% agree with every pt

Sadhana. said...

I too thought of half yearly exams on seeing your post title! :D

Lists are epic. No two ways about them.

Ananya said...

I agree with you.
Especially about the thing with moms.
They're all the same! :O

Raj said...

philosophy. of people. relationships. friendships. self. that's where life starts and ends.

Soumya said...

Bingo on point 15 :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

Ice Maiden! Found your blog thru Nitisha's. I'm a manic LOTR buff, too! I am absolutely delighted to find a fellow fan :) and I love the way your blog looks..I keep meaning to do a nice template myself but I never get around to it!

Love the list..and the colours! :) And no. 9 makes me feel really wistful..also, on the road to realising no. 17 myself. Just six months before college ends, and I dont want to let go!

Tangled up in blue... said...

And I follow now! :)

IceMaiden said...

Thanks much! :)

Hehehe! :D Thanks! :)

@Simply Me,
:) Sure you can copy the list - just state the source :D :)

Whats with you girls and exams?! :P hehe. And true that - Lists indeed are epic. :)

Moms. Sigh. Grin. :P :)

Throw a lot of a drama in there for added effect! :D

Yeah I know - esp. for some strange reason in the boring IT field. :D

@Tangled Up In Blue,
OH YAY!!!!! LOTR FAN!!!!! Awesomenessss! :) I am super delighted to find you too!! :) :)

Thats not a template :P I tinkered around a lil bit myself and somehow dont want to use anything new.. :)

Thanks for liking the list and the colors... was wasting time at work :D :P Have fun before college ends... last few months were just depressing for me :( :| Thanks for following too!!! :) Over to your blog now! :)

Raj said...

lol. that goes unsaid :P

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