Jun 11, 2011

This part of my life is called Joy.

Just when I was about to give up on the damnit-you-blink-and-they-dry Acrylics ...

P.S: I think my 'A.' at the top right looks pretty cool! What say? :)
Now Playing: What A Wonderful World | Louis Armstrong


Anonymous said...

Lovely painting! But where are the birds' eyes? hehehehe jk.

P.S. the 'A' is sexxay!!

Me-Era* said...

Very Very Very Beautiful!! :) :) :)

Dhanya said...

'A'wesome! :)

Ice Maiden said...

@The Lover,
Thanks! :)
... and my Mom asked the same thing :P .. to which I said that its supposed to be silhouette. :P

Thanks very much! :)

Thanks! :) :)

Abhishek Sen said...

Its very pretty...and the 'Now playing' song suits the painting a lot !! :)

Ice Maiden said...

Thanks much! :)

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