Jun 24, 2011

But Damn, You Smell Good, Like Home.

I am one of those people who had her heart broken into pieces a long while ago. Inspiring some of my best posts ofcourse - like In Loving Memory and Somedays. For those who don't know, it was a typical college romance that went on for a long long time. We met on the basketball court and it was one heck of a roller-coaster! Till things fell apart, bit by bit and we weren't 'we' anymore. We were just.... me and him. 

But. We are still friends. We weren't for the time we were getting over each other - we didnt speak for a long time because it was so damn painful. Then he took off to the other side of the world and I joined the corporate rat-race. That's the thing about time you know - you crib and fight and scream and shout - that it doesn't damn heal ANYTHING that's broken. But it does. Only, you don't know that its working its magic. Its like an epic Christopher Nolan movie - it makes sense at the end... :)

So, the other day we were talking about mundane things - new songs and new movies, joking around like old friends when he says ' Hey. Watch this.' and passes me this -

Nostalgia hit me like Mumbai rain on a breezy June evening. Achingly beautiful. :)

'Caught a bolt of lightening... Cursed the day he let it go..' Pearl Jam. Our love for that band, still is, beyond anyone's comprehension. I asked him, what did it remind him of, that video. He said, "Love. Loss. You." No, he wasn't sad. Neither was I.  Just like a movie that you have watched, you know the ending of, and you are OK with it. Because the movie ends, and real life begins. Which has. And it has honestly never been better. 

Its just one of the movies you are glad you watched. Know what I mean? :) For everyone who has ever been in love - watch that video. It will hit you.  

P.S: For everyone still watching the movie - real life is waiting for you. :)
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Anwesa said...

"Love.Loss.You." ....

Everything heals.

P.S.: Strangely I wrote something similar last evening.

Nirja Dalal said...

Beautifully written... anyone who has ever loved and lost can relate to it...

I know what you mean,even i'm glad to have watched the movie and know the end now :)

PS: i finished reading all the posts from your archives and here comes my first comment *yay* :)

mysterious gal said...

I can so so relate ...and i am sure u know that too :)

Damn....how we move on and how things change doesn't it.....the other day my ex pinged me seeing the status abt my phone going dead...and his response was Again?.....and nostalgia hit me....how we have memories we can never let go and we love them.....and yet we have moved on .....thats real life :)

Loved ur post :)


Zeba said...


I am waiting for the time I reach this stage with my person soon.

Anonymous said...

Still watching the movie. :) Glad to know there's a possibility of happiness either way.

Tangled up in blue... said...

That is a remarkably mature piece of writing, I must say. Time does heal all wounds, but sometimes it's tough to really, really believe that. Your post makes it easier to. :)

Crazy Blogger said...

I had decided not to cry for him but hell your post made me cry. He is love of my life and I dont know if I should be happy or upset about the fact that I can still love someone who has hurt me this much

- Sugar Cube - said...

lovely :)

IceMaiden said...

Yes. Very true - Everything heals.

Hey! Thanks for coming by! :)
... and you read all the posts?! WOW! :) :) Thanks for commenting! :) keep visiting..

Shit we have come a long way nai? :) ...seems like such a long long time ago that those people were such an important part of our lives...

You will. Soon.
Thanks for dropping by! :)

@The Lover,
There always is the possibility of happiness. Just that its not always obvious. :)

@Tangled Up In Blue,
It took me a very long time, and a LOT of fake yes-i-am-happy-finally moments to get here. Strange thing is, that it just happened all a sudden! :) Glad you like the post!

Its never a good idea to love someone who hurts you - but I understand that the choice of which men we love doesnt always have a fair reason...

@Sugar Cube,
Thanks! :)

Anil Sawan said...

loved this!! especially towards the end.

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