Jun 1, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers # 01

Unless you are on my Facebook, you would probably not know of my obsession with making wallpapers.

I *literally* take hundreds of pictures every week - infact I am running out of space on all my hdd's (and trust me when I say I have used to have a LOT of space) - and I love changing my desktop wallpaper about 246 times a day. Then I started making my own wallpapers out of some of those pictures and my favorite quotes to adorn my desktop. A couple of my friends passing by my desk saw the wallpapers and asked me where I got them from and thats when I decided to put it up on Facebook.

So, since I am pretty pressed for time to update around here *not really, I am just lazy :P* I think it would be fun to make the middle of my usually boring weeks a lil bit more interesting. What say to Wednesday Wallpapers? :)

*This one got the max likes... hoping you will love it too :)*

Click on the picture to view it in high-res and download it!
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Annie's Wednesday Wallpapers

P.S: Hey btw, can you believe that HALF of 2011 is GONE?! :O
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UjjwalRaaj said...


Raj said...

:) 246 times a day?
okay so u definitely have to use a lot of space. and btw how velli are u? :P

Meera Parameswaran said...

Cool idea! ;)

And :O Really, HALF is gone!

bliss said...

this is an amazing picture :)

Anonymous said...

Love the wallpaper. U r talented.

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