Sep 4, 2011

The Beginning Of My Happy Days! :)

In all honestly, life changed almost a year back. When I met someone who I had NEVER imagined I would be standing on this day with. With my history of falling for the wrong men boys, and my skittishness around the M word, I never thought that I would be here, on this day, updating my Facebook status to engaged! :D



Now I know why Monica stood in the balcony yelling I AM ENGAGED to everyone after he proposed! :P

(No, sadly there was no proposal due to complete lack of originality and romance on the to be grooms side, but instead a full on big ass Indian engagement complete with elaborate hair do's and jewellery and random "couple posing" ... yes the photographer in me and him CRINGED at that but well you gotta do what you gotta do!) :P :P

More updates later. Getting back to admiring my ring resting on my mehendi ! :P

Much Love,


Crazy Blogger said...

wooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's a good news!

I am so so so so so happy, please pray for me too na

T care

Tripthi Battapadi said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!!??!


:) :) :)

Lady Whispers said...

Awwwwww :) Now I wanna see a pic of mehndi with the ring too <3 :D :D

Anonymous said...

Wow :):)
Congrats :):)
Picture of ur beautiful ring pleaseeeeee :)

purple moonbeam said...


How awesome!! :D I hope the photographer in you uploads pix of the to be bride and groom.. and of course the ring :D :D

When do you get hitched??
Wish you all the very best! <3

Nidhi.. said...

Wow Congrats :-)
Hope to see the pics soon!!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Congrats! :)

Furree Katt said...

OMGGGGG YAYYYY! congratulations! ♥ i'm really happy for you.

bliss said...

hey congratulations!!!!! thats a pretty great (read huge) news! laods of goodluck for everything to come :)

Novocaine said...

Woha! Big leap huh! :) Congrats and all the best :D


Raj said...

congrats :)

Tanvi said...

wow! Congrats!!

God bless the couple in Love :)

Ananya said...

Congratss! :D:D:D

Er. said...

Congrats much! :)

Abhishek Sen said...

Heartiest congratulations !! May each of your Happy Days shine brighter than the last one... :) Wish you lots of luck and joy for the future...

Killer Drama said...

so happppppppppppppppy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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