Sep 1, 2011

September is here!!!!

I have been looking forward to September for the last two months. TWO WHOLE FREAKIN' MONTHS! I have never waited for December this way! I think my birthday month is going to be mighty pissed. Add to that the fact that I will be looking forward to February even more than these two.. Oh December is gonna HATE it! :)

In other news, What Makes Me Happy? Yet another question I am answering that was posed by another blogger. This time Soumya at Life of Leo.

So what makes me happy? Hmm.. Lets see. Some of the things...
  • His smile just after he cracks some seriously idiotic, senseless joke. Its this gleeful expression that I honestly DON'T get! :)
  • Watching the rain and feeling the breeze messing my hair.
  • Driving his car and having him say that I drove awesome today.
  • Coffee + Good music + A really long drive + Dunhill Reds.
  • Good hair days.
  • When he gets me a flower.
  • When he argues with me when I chide him for paying too much for one flower.
  • An energetic Labrador and a purring-scratching kitteh! :) 
  • Crayons!
  • Remembering the words to an old song.
  • Aromas breakfast! :)
  • Watching Casablanca / Breakfast At Tiffany's yet again.
~ Annie
P.S: Passing on the question to you - what makes you happy?
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Killer Drama said...

i live for small joys! :) had written a post on that a couple of days back

Crayons! nice:) love the smell of crayons

Apurva said...


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