Sep 14, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #16

Some of my favorite clicks have been taken during that endless wait at traffic signals, like this one. Hope you guys like it! :)

P.S: I think I am addicted to that font!
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Misterio Vida said...

wow...sums it up...yes time has different meanings for different people at different stages :)

PG said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Annie!

I'm pretty much humbled by the nice words you've written for me, cos your blog too damn awesome girlfriend...

And congratulations on your engagement! :)

Killer Drama said...

absolutely! :)

Tanvi said...

Beautiful picture!

...and beautiful song...Man Mohana

Kalyan Panja said...

Simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

IceMaiden said...

Thanks very much! :)

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