Oct 27, 2009


"What hurts the most ... was being so close"
- Rascal Flatts

I had not expected a lot of comments on my last post. Infact I had not expected any comments at all.. maybe hysterical phonecalls :P *which I got*, some super angry yelling *which also I got*.. Least of all, I had expected the object of my affection to come here, read the post, knowing its for him.. and well... dying in utter shock :P Ok jokes apart, since I think my readers have a right to know, how far along am I in my miserable love story, well, the news is... that there is NO story. Anymore. *sigh!* Well heres what happened..

So a lil birdie told him to go see my blog because the latest post 'was meant for him'. This was done apparently because I will never tell him the same myself, which is probably as close to the truth as it is. So anyway he came, he saw and he refused. *sad smile* No, it isnt the girl in question but the scars run deep *which I dont quite believe true, its probably the safest way to say no and not hurt me* and yes, we still remain friends *which also looks quite bleak anyway* So all in all its one big mess.

Im not the sort of person who has flings. Definitely not the kind to like someone and forget that soon. In his own words Im supposed to have no expectations and as strange as it may sound, I have absolutely none. Lolz. Im weird I know. But then again, I cannot, simply cannot forget what I feel for him. And the stupid duffer still makes me smile. Even now when conversation is down to a bare minimum. *bangs head on desk and wails loudly* :P

So after a miserable 2 days, I was brooding *myyyy gawwwddd!!!! it SO doesnt become me.. sheesh!* and thinking about stuff. I realised that Life is such a strange thing. It doesnt wait for anyone.. anything. No matter what you do.. maybe something good... or something bad.. it always gives you a new day. A new chance. You get hurt and it gives you time.. to heal all wounds, to help you reclaim your happiness. You wish for a lot of things in life, some of those wishes end up coming true... and some, well they dont. Maybe that is the best way to it all. I may not make any sense, but thinking about that made me a lil bit calmer.

And the best part of Life is that it gives you people that are just perfect for you. To hurt you, to teach you, to make you stronger and a few special ones to strip you down to your truest self. I have had them all. I have the bestest friends in the whole world. People who care for me so much that me being upset makes them call me 10 times in a day to make sure Im not thinking too much. Thanks you guys! :)

Another good thing about life is how it gives us little small sized suprises. How you sit at office, upset because you so desperately like someone while that person may not even talk to you as before ever again, brooding about life but putting up a happy face because thats how people like to see you.. and then the popup appears.

'You have 1 new mail'

P.S: More on that mail later. *creates mystery and leaves with a grin on her face*


Soin said...

is the ice maiden melting..bah this is all a bit depressing to read..write some wacky posts girl..anyways hope ur minds frequency changes so that it finds resonance with someone else..as james say-someone has to be the hate when you want love.sad but true..did the phrase a little birdie told contribute to the twitter bird..free

Shaunak Mukherjee said...

Ah, the quintessential "You Got Mail" ending :)
Sounds like a pleasant turn to an unpleasant series of events...
Shall wait for the next instalment before commenting further.

*ponders over mysterious smile and compares to an evil grin*

IceMaiden said...


*mysterious smile*
The mail has nothing to do with.. him :P


lolz naah re no twitter business :P a over enthusiastic matchmaker frnd dhapped my cell, took his number and msged him :O *shakes head incredulously* :|
and yeah ill be back with whacky posts soon :P

hehehe!!! yeah n i jus realised no browser actually gives a popup that says 'you have 1 new mail' :P
wht a dramebazz i am :P

G said...

ooooh.. i dont care who the mail is from..but it made me smile.. =)
such a cute mystery..hehe..

And i love the way you summed up life in such beautiful words!!.. just perfect!

Actually..i miss those days... when i had some wacky crushes..and i would stalk the guys... and basically give them a big clue..well more like a belief that i am so in love..well not love..but like u know..have a crush on them..hehe..

i miss being that crazy girl..getting butterflies every time a guy i liked would look at me..or pass by..hehe... not that i dont get butterflies now.. =D its just that the guy is the only guy..for life!..*fingers crossed*

i think the title of the post was more than apt for this post!... such things make up life dont they??.. ;)

loved reading this post of urs.. =)
take care babeeyyyy

Destiny's child... said...

Thanks for letting us know the sequel...and there you go again...leaving us all on tenterhooks ;)
Shall I assume the mail brought happy news? :)

How do we know said...

hey bhagwan.. is this a real story? Sorry my first time on ur blog, i have no idea..

I love the end and the mystery, but a PJ person like me is likely to just say its a mail from ur boss asking u to be around quickly. hee hee hee

Akansha Agrawal said...

There we are, in a lurch again! :P Kiska mail tha?? ;)

Vaise I am hoping my story doesn't go down the same way :-ss *swears* Will never write about it aise blog par, will say whatever I have to, whenever I can gather enuf courage, hope it is soon lekin... :-w

Write next part jaldi... *drumming her fingers*

bondgal_rulz said...

I know about the mail!! I know about the mail!!!

Yay! Yay! Yay, yay!!!! :D :D :D

THAT'S life Annie!!! A bitter sweet symphony. :)

Take care hun

Blunt Edges said...

great ending that...m all curious 2 know what happened next!!! ;)

n in the last post i meant "we all have been through this at some point or the other...haven't we?"

Matangi Mawley said...

u know.. this post made made go back to all u'r previous posts.. u'r style of writing is v.good!

tht was a nice touche at the end.. :) i was feeling very sad reading through the post.. bt there was a ray of hope popping up in my mind actually..

gr8 blog!

IceMaiden said...

Awwww!!! >:D< Love ya babes!!! Mwahhh!!!
And ill tell u a lil secret, having a guy for life SO beats all this mindless senseless crushes :) So ur one lucky girly! :)

Take care,

@Destiny's Child,
Yes yes the mail got some veryyy awesome news for me!! :) Nothing in reference to 'him' :P

IceMaiden said...

@How do we know (?) :P
Yes yes very much a real story. Welcome here, my blog is full of such mushy stuff.. lolz :P Im a romatic at heart kya kare! :P
N about the mail, it wasnt anythng related to 'him', but it did bring me some veryyyy exciting news :)
Btw what is ur name? :D

I hope your story goes better than mine.. :)
Oh well.. You win some, you lose some.. way of life :)
And next part will come up when ill actually get the time to sit write about it. From the amount of work Ive got it doesnt look anytime soon :P

IceMaiden said...

omg omg omg omg omg!!! i STILL cant believe its happening to me!!!! :) :)

*jumps up and down in excitement*
*tighttttt huggg*

Its strange how life turns around?!
*shakes head amazed*
And with friends liek you, it always rocks!!!! \m/ yipeee!! :)


IceMaiden said...

@Blunt Edges,
Oh well!
Actually speaking it was a bad ending, but then like I said somewhere above you win some you lose some :)
And the mail made my day anyway :)

@Matangi Mawley
Heylo there! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for liking it. :)
That is how life is isnt it? It gets really crappy and really depressing and around the corner things turn around right? :)

Keep Visiting! :)


Sandeep Balan said...

now here on your non-quote blog :P :P

life dissected....wow guruji...u hv attained nirvana ;-)

jokes apart...loved the way u ended it up with "you got mail"....depressing yet forcin u to think...go on! go on!

n hey...u landed up on my old space, the crackpot...i blog at www.yembeeyae.blogspot.com

buckingfastard said...

take it as it comes...dats wat life is about...tru!!

well den u shud start wishin fr loads of things...coz dat way u will hav higher probab of gettin wishes granted!! :)

shilpa said...

oye dramebaz......jaldi bata age kya hua??? :P

IceMaiden said...


Heylo! welcome to my fulltime blog :P Hope u like it! :)

And Ill sure visit your new place :)

The mail mystery will be solved later... :P *lik to keep em' waitin :P*


IceMaiden said...

Lolz!!! I have given up wishing for things that are not in my hands :)
As of now I think Im wishing for a long vacation that doesnt require me to work at all :P

HA HA HA!!! :P Do u really wanna know here? Ya phir nite out pe?? *wink wink*

Khayenge peeyenge *wink wink* Ash karenge... Moni ke ghar pe :P

Mwah!!! Hail the Shot Gang :P
Annie :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

it seemed as if its a sum up of life in a single post which is actually difficult for ppl lik me ot write ;)

I found u commenting on Amith's blog right after me :P with *narrow-eyes*

So thought to visit yours one..

I love this black theme of your blog which had been my fav for months and months but alas i had to change it.

BTW you got a nice blog :)

See you around Annie :)


Kay said...

your comment on my last write drew my attention at alert! as I read your situation, i have one word of wisdom for you, that I hope you can follow...

any man who says you should have 'no expectations' means he only wants to have 'fun' a.k.a you are his and he is free to do whatever...

don't go there. even if the connection deep.

i truly do hope the best for you. and i say this from first hand experience, I know this man (although not physically the same) the man is the same.

the longer it goes on, the harder it is...and he will let it continue...(okay, maybe hurtful heart talking now) :)

IceMaiden said...

Oh no Kay!!! its wayyyy different here. Im one of his closest friends and I assure you he has no weird things in his mind. We are still great friends :) Thats how things work here in India :P
N Im ANYTHING but his. lolz :P

Unknown said...

awww i so wish u cud tell him!!! i totallly know about the desperation of wanting to tell someone and disappointment wen you cant!!!! loads of goodluck yaaar!!!
btw, i love such popups!!!! so wats the mail???? *stupid grin*

IceMaiden said...


Heyya! Welcome here! :)
Naa re, he knows about it, but its just not possible *sad smile*
But koi na, we are awesomest friends and that makes me insanely happy :P *im mad i know :P*

And the mail... ull just have to watch this space for it :D :D


Misty Rhythm said...

awww *sad smile* BIGGGG HUG for u gurl :(...take care of urself
hmm...well..i really wish the guy knows he's missing out on a really amazing girl (n no ur not plain!!)...i wish u get everything u wish for :)

p.s. what did the mail say?? tell us tell us! quick!

Weirdo guy said...

Stuff like this is the reason i haven't told out my feelings to this awesome girl i know...

rejection is such a bitch

gah :(

IceMaiden said...


>:D< *sad smile*
Im happy being friends... He wont ever have any idea just how much Im crazy about him... *sigh!*


Heyya! Awwwww!!! I SO totally understand :(
Its ok, if its meant to work out it will :)

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