Sep 14, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #16

Some of my favorite clicks have been taken during that endless wait at traffic signals, like this one. Hope you guys like it! :)

P.S: I think I am addicted to that font!
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Sep 12, 2011

Oh, you’re in my veins...

Dear Nutties,

If someone has asked me a year back if I was going anywhere in life, I would have laughed, downed two more drinks, and said 'I don't know & I don't care!' and laughed my trademark Annie laugh. And felt the emptiness inside me, grow a tiny bit wider on my way back home, alone. 

We had been friends for so long before the thought that we could be anything else, wasnt even a valid thought. Remember how we started off? I was sitting at my desk and you had just come out of someones cabin behind me and said something loudly about Rafael Nadal. Now me, not the one who hear anything against my beloved Fed, had said that 'Nadal can never be Federer.' I didn't even know you then, and yet we had engaged into a wordplay about our favorite tennis stars! And that was it.. So simple. So insignificant really. And look where we are now.  :)

Sep 7, 2011

Wednesday Wallpapers #15

... has been posted already out of sheer enthusiasm on Sunday :)
Reposting it for everyone again -

P.S: My friends assume I look at my ring "with a howree (means ravenous in Marathi) look and go myyyyy preciousssss! :P :D
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Sep 6, 2011


Song of the day. So much Love. <3

Dido - another one of those lesser known, lesser appreciated female singer / songwriters that should be fucking Lady Gaga - famous! :| She sings so so well! :)

- Annie.
P.S: Even if my house falls down, I wouldnt have a clue... Because you're near me... :) :)
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Sep 4, 2011

The Beginning Of My Happy Days! :)

In all honestly, life changed almost a year back. When I met someone who I had NEVER imagined I would be standing on this day with. With my history of falling for the wrong men boys, and my skittishness around the M word, I never thought that I would be here, on this day, updating my Facebook status to engaged! :D



Now I know why Monica stood in the balcony yelling I AM ENGAGED to everyone after he proposed! :P

(No, sadly there was no proposal due to complete lack of originality and romance on the to be grooms side, but instead a full on big ass Indian engagement complete with elaborate hair do's and jewellery and random "couple posing" ... yes the photographer in me and him CRINGED at that but well you gotta do what you gotta do!) :P :P

More updates later. Getting back to admiring my ring resting on my mehendi ! :P

Much Love,

The Day Before.

Teri Mehndi Woh Dekhenge... Toh Apna Dil Rakhdenge Woh... Pairon Mein Tere, Chupke Se... Hariyaali Banni...

P.S: The smell of mehendi is the 2nd best thing ever. The 1st best thing being having people feed you Dairy Milk when your hands look like that! :)
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Sep 1, 2011

September is here!!!!

I have been looking forward to September for the last two months. TWO WHOLE FREAKIN' MONTHS! I have never waited for December this way! I think my birthday month is going to be mighty pissed. Add to that the fact that I will be looking forward to February even more than these two.. Oh December is gonna HATE it! :)

In other news, What Makes Me Happy? Yet another question I am answering that was posed by another blogger. This time Soumya at Life of Leo.

So what makes me happy? Hmm.. Lets see. Some of the things...
  • His smile just after he cracks some seriously idiotic, senseless joke. Its this gleeful expression that I honestly DON'T get! :)
  • Watching the rain and feeling the breeze messing my hair.
  • Driving his car and having him say that I drove awesome today.
  • Coffee + Good music + A really long drive + Dunhill Reds.
  • Good hair days.
  • When he gets me a flower.
  • When he argues with me when I chide him for paying too much for one flower.
  • An energetic Labrador and a purring-scratching kitteh! :) 
  • Crayons!
  • Remembering the words to an old song.
  • Aromas breakfast! :)
  • Watching Casablanca / Breakfast At Tiffany's yet again.
~ Annie
P.S: Passing on the question to you - what makes you happy?
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