Apr 1, 2014


It's been on my mind to do a 30 day challenge once again, but after scouring the internet high and low, I came up with nothing that piqued my interest. Until I just saw that Soumya, has taken up this very cool A-Z Blogging Challenge. 26 days of this month, 26 alphabets, with a word of my choosing. I am officially jumping on the bandwagon! :D 

A - Addicted

Addicted to my boys. My day CANNOT begin without kissing them awake. Or them kissing me awake. Whichever works. Lots of goodbye & I-am-back kisses, lots of random you-look-too-cute-so-I-must-do-this kisses. Let's not forget my everyday alarm.


Edited: My boys = my cats. :P 

Addicted to listening to music. At. All. Times. True story. There have been times when I have drifted off the sleep with music blaring in my ears lol. :) Music in the shower, music when travelling, music while working. You name it, I need (and probably already will have) a soundtrack to it.

Let's see what else? Was addicted to sheesha when I was in college, because it was an every alternate day/weekend hangout. Dim lights, lots of flavoured(?) smoke, & many a times, Atif Aslam singing in his weird, nasal voice. Good memories of not-so-good habits. :)

Addicted to emoticons? Well that one was an obvious one.. :P Addicted to dreaming about the future, making lists to get there, and planning things in life. I love doing this, this is probably the only thing that makes me feel 'in control'. Addicted to Facebook. Twitter. Gmail. All the good things on the internet. :)

... what are are you addicted to then?

P.S.: Addition towards humans is not very healthy & not at all promoted on this blog. :P :)
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Masquerade Crew said...

You are addicted to some pretty awesome things. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge.

Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. We are highlighting amazing authors this month. Check us out HERE.

Zannie Rose said...

at the moment- addicted to learning the lyrics and moves for my first public performance with a choir I joined a few weeks ago- especial addiction is 'Just the Way you Are' by Bruno Mars..transported when we sing that one

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Hugs those boys while they're little. My three are grown and the hugs are less frequent.

CA Heaven said...

I'm addicted to snow and skiing (which is good) and to tobacco (snuff, not so good). I guess that's about it. Oh, yes, since I'm a scientist, I'm addicted to my reseacrh (lots of fun) >:)

Cold As Heaven

Soumya said...

Ah you wrote a post! FINALLY! :D

Your boys are so cute that I wouldn't mind getting addicted to kissing them :). I mean the cats of course!

And music, oh yeah! \m/

P.S: What exactly is supposed to be the background color of your page? I'm getting a bright white page with light gray font that is highly difficult to read. The last time I came here, the page was black!

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty healthy addictions you have there! :) I love your boys!! I have two kitties myself --- girl and boy. Good luck with the A-Z challenge! :)

Laterally Moved. said...

Might just start up on it too :) And I remember my sheesha addiction days. NOT COOL. Hahaha

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