Apr 5, 2014


As in the Indie music band. I cannot even begin to explain how MANY memories are associated with each of their songs. Well, until the idiot lead decided to get himself embroiled in a sexist controversy, which even though was obviously a publicity stunt, left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh. Anyway, leaving that aside... music from the 90's anyone?! :) 

Also, err.. disclaimer before I am judged - Dating was cool growing up. I dated quite a few boys before I ended up in my first serious relationship, which happened much later in degree college. Of course, "dating" meant being silly, going on well.. dates to eating places & talking mushy sappy stuff, bringing flowers and the likes... which I believe is not quite what happens today. Also, let it be known, there were zero bases anyone could conquer. :P 

I think my first Euphoria song was Dhoom Pichak Dhoom. Way back in school, but the memories came later. Band practice, singing in class, rides back home in the train at rush hour. :) 

Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gully, was introduction to Vidya Balan (yes thats her!). I loved this song way too much! Its so much fun right? Also, one really handsome singer dude in college sang this at a fest and he ...nailed it! Full marks on presentation, if you know what I mean. ;) Memories of following the band discreetly(?) with girlfriends, through college grounds hoping to know the guys name and relationship status happened. Yes, creepy stalkerish tendencies were displayed early on in life. But it was fun. :P 

Kaise Bhoolegi Mera Naam, was a song this guy in class used to sidle up close to the girls and sing in a rastachaap kind of way. The guy in question is a dead ringer for John Abraham, and a really nice guy, but for his blatant flirting in deeply sexy voice he used to put on for the women. At one point he came up and started singing the song in aforementioned sexy voice, holding my hand, while boyfriend stood right next to me. Hehehe :P So yes, this is that guy song. :) 

One of the newer tracks, Mehfuz. The year was 2006, and it was Euphoria comeback time. Also time for first out of city trip with then boyfriend. To wild Goa. Hic. :)

And finally, the two tracks that have always been very very close to my heart - Maeri & Tum.

Maeri, and some pretty intense real life incidents, inspired the first fiction post on the blog. :)

This was 2000, and the album was Phir Dhoom. The first time I heard this song, it was on the radio. Then first year engineering, I discovered practically the entire class loved this song. That year, 2005, we used to sit outside the class to write our assignments, and someone or the other always played this song. :) This song became my most played song when boyfriend was away & I missed him. It was not "our" song, but it was close. For those who don't know yet, my college building was extremely old and it was flanked by cobbled streets & huge trees. This song became the soundtrack to walking around holding hands, catching tea & snacks at quiet cosy places, walking to the railway station to catch a train back home. Sigh.  

The year was 1998, Euphoria had just come out with their debut album, Dhoom. Tum was one of the only tracks from that album that remains famous to this day. Wow it stuns me now that this track is 16 years old... 

Anyway, a few years after this song came out, an older boy I really really liked but was super shy to talk to, dedicated this song to me. Yes, we had song dedications and stuff to declare your love to significant other hahaha.. :P So yes, he not only dedicated it, he also sang it to me. In front of a small crowd of friends and such. It was very cool, floored me completely (note the sappy sappy lyrics of this song. go on look em' up :P ) I am also kind of embarrassed that this was in school. Ahem. My reaction to said song dedication? I giggled. A lot. :P (this was when it became known that I was not really the read-poems-to-impress kind, I was the sing/dance/crack jokes-to-impress kind :P)

P.S.: Euphoria has also inspired this post about more such songs. :) 
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Anwesa said...

:) Songs and memories !

P.S. : 1 day 1 post in April ? :O

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

ALL these songs you mentioned are on my everyday morning playlist!! And I love the versions of some that Palash has sung on Coke Studio as well, if you haven't checked them out, do.

And surprisingly, I only know two other Euphoria fans. You are the third.

Anonymous said...

I think I only remember their first few songs...Tum I do remember. Not much after that and well, since 2005, absolutely nothing. I did like them though

Arlee Bird said...

Don't know the group, but I like the word "euphoria".

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Unknown said...

I loved this post, especially cuz I have grown up hearing to their music...plus I got a chance to attend one of their concerts as well and had a super crush on their lead guitarist Ricky! Ah ,memories...great !

Shilpa Garg said...

I love this band and the songs that have come out with. Maaeri is my favourite. I remember listening to it on loop those days. Heard all these songs after a long time today. Thanks for bringing back some good old memories :)
Shilpa Garg
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Aditi said...

I love Euphoria and all their songs are so humble and catchy and singable :) You painted a wonderful picture of old memories... Great E! :)

Shine Kapoor said...

Your post reminded me that Euphoria came to my college for the annual fest. I love all the songs of this band. Thanks for a little trip to the memory lane :)

Richa Singh said...

Maybe it is because I am reading your post on a sunday when my house is filled music I loved it even more. I believe Dhoom pichuk played five mins back :D Ahh good ol Euphoria!


Red Handed said...

MAERI has to be my fav!
Btw thank you for the 'KABHI AANA TU MERI GULLY', had never heard tht one!

WritingsForLife said...

Indeed, music is the most powerful invoker of memory. Glad it took you back to good days :-)

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