Apr 3, 2014


I find many people struggling with this concept. I mean, lets be real. How many of us, at various points in time had wished we could go back in time & stay in times that were easy, less stressful. Whatever it takes to avoid the present right? I know I have done it a fair share of times too. Things change, people change, situations change - this can be pretty tough to come to terms with I think.

Remember when someone high on some pretty sweet stuff said change is the only constant. Well, yes. They were right. I'll be honest, I did not believe too much, because I always thought there were some things that did not change. Now, at this point in life, I think I can safely say I was wrong. Change is, indeed the only constant. 

Sometimes its so sudden, you never truly come to terms with it. Like losing what you called home for 18 years over just 2 months. So sudden, so swift. Years later when you look back, its like that segment of life has been blanked out. Abruptly, the chapter seems to have turned. And some other times, the change happens so slow, and so gradual, that you do not even realise something has changed until the damage is already done, the cross road is already in front of you, waiting for you to make a decision. Like heart break, that first time around. Who knew people could change right? Until then, who knew it could hurt so bad?

I remember declaring a decade ago that I would never do or say certain things. That I would never date certain kind of guys. I remember promising some people that I will always remain friends. I did not think then that I would change! Its been one of my recent revelations, that over the last few years I have changed! I am not as friendly and happy-go-lucky as I know most of my old friends remember me as. I do not blurt things out much these days (subject to alcohol & pot in the system obviously) . I keep my feelings in check when I am out with people I barely know. I was NONE of these things before. I guess change sometimes, IS for the good. Atleast it feels like it now. 

This has been completely random, there are so many many things I could talk about regarding change, but I imagine they would bore people out, because lots of these would make sense to only me. Or maybe you, if you grew up with me during school. Maybe I will pick up another alphabet to talk about those things, some other day. :)  

P.S.: When people accusingly say, you changed! (a favorite line for those who do not have much to say), I always end up feeling, Yea I know, its great isn't it?! :)
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Stephsco said...

I think the older we get, the harder it is to accept change. When you're young, everything changes so fast, including ourselves.

Anonymous said...

OK..so three posts in I believe you are my soul-sister! :p Why? The last line about change...I do that too! I don't understand why people say it as if it's a bad thing! I reckon change is good because it means we are living and not just existing day after day...

Red Handed said...

I cannot even relate to the person I used to be 6 yrs back AND I am beyond happy that I dont. :)

Laterally Moved. said...

I can relate to every single thing you have used as an example for change in this post. Especially the slow and gradual change when you reach the crossroads. IT IS UNTRUE HOW MUCH I CAN RELATE.

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