Mar 31, 2008

SouNdTracK Of mY LifE.....

Memories… Maybe I am crazy but there’s this thing about me that both the best and the worst thing about me… I cling to memories. Why? Because someone once said memories are the only things that do not change when everything else does…And that is the truth..

Have you ever heard a song from so long ago with so many memories tied to it that it got a lump to your throat that you can’t swallow? And didn't you wish that you could go back into time when everything seemed so much simpler and carefree? Those are songs that are the soundtrack of our lives... the ones that bring back childhood memories, best friends, school memories, memories of your first love, first heartbreak...

Seasons of the Sun / No Matter What (WESTLIFE): Both these songs were played at our school farewell amidst a whole assembly full of us holding candles… that day felt like the perfect fitting ending to a glorious 10 years of life in my school. My school days were the days were the ones I had the most fun-filled days, made the truest friends, cried the most, and laughed the hardest…

Iris (GOO GOO DOLLS): Don’t quite remember when I listened to this song for the first time… but you know how some songs just become a part of our lives as soon as the first strings reach our heart… this is like one of those songs… the words are so true for my life… “when everything feels like the movies…yeah, you bleed just to know you are alive”… takes a real cutter to know what that means…

Colorblind (DARIUS): 10th board exams… staying up till late in the night studying… I didn’t have the privilege of owning a cell phone or a music player, so I took a break from my studying while listening to FM… and that’s where I heard this song for the first time… Everytime I listen to this song…ummm…coffee at 2 and dozing off at 5 with the civics textbook on my head… :)

I want it that way (BSB): I made my mom tear out her hair in frustration when I used to run back home everyday from school to call up Channel Oxygen ( yeah, remember that channel where you call up on the channel and they played their fav songs) Every single time my song was the same…I want it that way… I was simply TOO much in love with Nick carter… my first crush, I was fida over his chocolate-boy looks… and ever since then I have always been drawn to innocent looking hunks…;)

Sutta: The engineering anthem, just have to listen to this song and close my eyes and drift back to the find memories of my 1st year… sittin in class, completing assignments, talking, studying… having all the fun in the world…. Where did time fly past so soon???

Tanha dil tanha safar (SHAAN): my first singing performance, 10th std, with the KASPAR’s in Mahabaleshwar… still can hear the cheers of the crowds… the waning days of school life…filled with warm nostalgia…

You have lost that loving feeling (TOPGUN OST): Tom cruise... bikes... n planes *faints with excitement*... this is one beautiful song that never fails to get a smile to my lips...*smiling foolishly*

*i'll keep adding to the list as the memories come by...*


*one of my favorite poems... read it in my school magazine a long long time ago..*

Life, thy name is wait
At each stage, at each crossroad
At each moment, wait…

Wait, wait and just wait,
As an infant – hungry
I had to wait to be fed
Wet – I had to wait to be changed
I didn’t speak and walk early…
Wait, said mother, she’ll do it soon enough,

As a child I wanted to be at the teens
Wait until you grow up, was the answer…

Got married to a stranger
It was a long wait till he became a dear
We waited for our first kid…
We waited for his first smile , we waited for his first word…
And waited for his first step into the world…

We waited for him to grow up
And then we waited to get him married…

We then waited for our first grand child
Grand parents, now, we waited for
Retirement & mellowing old age
And now we are old and wise
Mellow & content, we still wait…

Wait for that most peaceful of all stages – Death…
Wait…eternal wait… is the essence of life…

Life is just a wait…

Mar 27, 2008

50 Reasons why I love you.

I love how you smile when I see you.
I love how you hold me.
I love how you say "Pata hai?? Bachcha is looking cutie".
I love how you look at me all funny when I say something stupid.
I love how you make cute faces to say you are sorry.
I love how you laugh when I say something random, or stupid.
I love the face you make when I sneeze.
I love how you make me smile even when you are far away.
I love how you tell me I look cutie in my new dress.
I love how you LOVE my hot pants.
I love how you talk about anything and everything for hours.
I love how you say sweet things to me.
I love how you whisper in my ear when it’s time to say "Good Night".
I love how you squeeze me so hard… so perfect… when I hug you.
I love how I can talk to you about whatever I am feeling.
I love how we message each other as soon as we wake up.
I love how you sound when I wake you up.
I love how you want to spend every day with me.
I love how you squeeze my hand.
I love how you rub my back, and kiss my neck.
I love how you sit next to me, and tell me that everything’s perfect.
I love how everything is perfect.
I love how you see the person I really am.
I love how you say we are perfect for each other.
I love how you make me cry, but not because I’m upset or sad, or you hurt me, but…because you made me the happiest person ever.
I love how I wake up in the morning for you.
I love how I anticipate seeing you.
I love how you kiss me.
I love how I look at the empty space in my bed, and wish you were filling it.
I love how you feed me when we go out to eat.
I love how you worry about me, and take care of me.
I love how you pay for me when we go places.
I love how you insist everything will be alright, and make me feel at ease.
I love how you keep me warm when I’m cold.
I love how you give me weird looks at awkward moments.
I love how you stop everything for me.
I love how I’m important to you.
I love how I like to do little things to make you happy.
I love how you make me happy.
I love how you make sure I stay in line and my "red stuff" remain hidden.
I love how I only want to be with you.
I love how you think I have cute feet.
I love how I only think about you.
I love how "our songs" makes me smile when I listen to them when I am away.
I love how you get jealous.
I love how I can see myself with you forever.
I love how we talk about being together forever.
I love how you get mad when someone says something to upset me.
I love how I ask for a snuggly anytime I want.
I love everything about you.

P.S: allright, I see a lot of visitors coming on this post.. so I'll put a msg here .. "Welcome.. read all u want.. But please dont copy. ok? lolz :P :D"

Do It Anyway...

"Do It Anyway"
…People are often unreasonable, illogical, self-centered…
forgive them anyway.

…if you are kind to people, they may accuse of ulterior motives…
be kind anyway.

… if you are successful, you will win some false friends & some true enemies…
Succeed anyway.

…if you are honest & frank people may cheat you…
Be honest & frank anyway.

…what you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight…
Build anyway.

…if you are good to people today…they may forget tomorrow…
Be good to people anyway.

…you give the world your best, it may never be enough…
Give the world your best anyway.

…so you see… in the final analysis…
...It was between you & God…

It was never between you & them anyway

Mar 24, 2008

My dream came true on the basketball court.

It was a windy October day. Woke up in the morning with the mother of all headaches. Oh sweet mamma… * that’s why someone very wise has said don’t try to wash down your heartaches with vodka* but, hey, …it was still a nice breezy morning that also happened to be a public holiday. And its also one that I will remember all my life.

There’s something about trains that’s very comforting when your numb from the inside. That noise. It kind of seeps in, you know. After all these days, I may not remember what I was feeling at that time, but I can still distinctly remember the melody of the wheels on the tracks. Atleast till I reach the wrought-iron gates of college.

It is so silent, I can hear the rhythm of my own heart beat. Not a soul in sight. The deserted corridors are silent and the tap of my shoes echoes in the hallway. I make my way to the basketball court.. and that’s where he is waiting. For me. With the basketball that changed our fates a month ago.

There’s another person there as well. One more person with betrayal in his eyes, eyes that I don’t have the strength to meet. He comes and says "goodbye" and leaves. Out of the court and out of my life. It’s just the two of us now.

It had rained the night before. The small puddles of water reflect the sky that has turned grey now. He comes towards me now, slowly… dribbling the basketball…the voice echoes loudly making my heart beat a little quicker. The quad has never felt so huge before. Funny, how I never noticed how beautiful that tree beside the student store was. I can still hear the rustling of those leaves, the only voice in the silence.

And suddenly he was right before me. The dribbling stopped. He tilted my face up with his finger, looked at me with eyes that unique shade of brown and whispered "I love you". I can’t find my voice because I can feel myself floating away. Headier than I had been last night with that vodka… he comes closer…and…

It starts to rain. Just the way I like it. Just the way dreams come true.

P.S: This is entirely true account of how I met my college sweetheart. He was the basketball captain, and I fell in love with him the first time I saw him sail a perfect three pointer from his trademark zero degree. :)

At Deception Point....*GRRRRR*

What would you do if one of your closest friends has developed a crush on your boyfriend? And she happens to be better than you in all respects. Ever felt that …insecurity. You love your guy a lot, but can u feel ok with the presence of someone u KNOW has the hot’s your guy? She will never admit it, but like everyone knows, actions speak louder than words. That little innocent looking touch, the frequent calls to talk about pointless topics, that little bit of lying…

And worse, what if your guy is being taken in by all the flattery? U know the charm she has on guys… that makes them forget the reality, that little bit of flirting… that looks oh-so-harmless… quite appropriately , the CC’s decide to name her Man-Eater.

Last I heard, she is going out with someone. Someone who is SURE to dump her… that’s the sort of guy he has always been. In the meantime, I hear a lot of trash of being over-possessive. I ignore it as the "man-eater effect". I know you did nothing wrong sweetheart, but that piece of s**t has gotta go while I m here.

I aint staying at deception point forever…


I had this crazy idea in the morning. It started with a friend casually asking me what my latest orkut header means…I change my headers ALL the time… depending on my mood and current state of mind. They have always attracted a lot of speculation, and living upto the mystery, they have always meant something. There was always some story behind them all…so here it is, a collection of my favorite headers and the story behind it. hope u like it!

*some content of the following stories may not be suitable for young minds. Reader discretion is advised.*

Email Forwards!

I got this as an e mail and I really enjoyed it!  Though I must admit this email is a tad bit better informative...! God! Its amazing how times change! Read on -

Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the english language today, is the word f*ck. Out of all the english words that begin with the letter 'f' ...f*ck is the only word refered to as 'the f word...’ It's the one magical word. Just by its sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate, friendship, displeasure, surprise and love. F*ck, as most words in the english language is derived from german ...the word fuieken, which means to strike.
In english, f*ck falls into many grammatical categories:

F*ck (v): (Trans) John f*cked Mary. (Intrans) Mary was f*cked by John.
F*ck (n): Mary is a fine f*ck.
F*ck (ad): Mary is f*cking beautiful.
Fuck (adv): John runs f*cking fast.

There are not many words as diverse as f*ck. Besides the obvious sexual meaning there are also the following meanings and implications.

Aggression: F*ck u!
Anxiety: Today is really f*cked.
Apathy: Who gives a f*ck?
Difficulty: I can’t understand this f*cking job!
Displeasure: What the f*ck is going on here?
Dismissal: Why don't you go outside and play hide and seek or go f*ck yourself
Enjoyment: I had a f*cking good time.
Fraud: I got f*cked at the used car lot
Greeting: How the f*ck are you?
Hostility: I’m going to knock your f*cking head off.
Ignorance: F*cked if I know.
Incompetence: He’s a f*ck off.
Innovation: Get a bigger fucking hammer
Request: Get the fuck out of here.
Surprise: F*ck! You scared the shit out of me.
Suspicion: What the f*ck are u doing?
Trouble: I guess I’m f*cked now

Oh F*ck!!!!
(anger, excitement, sadness, confusion, stupidity, pleasure, disappointment, hysterical, boredom, exhaustion, happiness, fright, frustration, shock, being disgusted, depression, surprised, embarrassment, being ashamed, jealousy, loneliness, anxiousness, shyness, and anything f*cking else you f*cking people can feel!!!)


Hello World...

I have been writing ever since I can remember… I have been putting my thoughts into words ever since we got our first PC… I had this folder "my diary" and invented desperate measures like changing font color to white (I simply CANNOT remember passwords in case you are wondering why go thru all that trouble!) to curb my brothers attempts to read my thoughts.

I think a lot. Like really a LOT. I start with this one idea in my head and go to some crazy different idea all together in a matter of seconds. I started with just penning down my thoughts in my little Disney notebook… (I love cartoons)… And then,…well, I just got lazy!! And yeah, life got crazier than ever!

I don’t believe in using big, GRE words to talk or write… I think its like a desperate attempt to sound grown-up…(I refuse to grow up, damn right!) I may write a lot today and disappear for the next couple of months. I may write about things that are completely pointless (like most of the things I am fond of doing)... I haven’t started blogging to crib about the usual things that we engineer’s already crib about anyway… this isn’t some human-rights forum… or save-the animals thing… this page is existing simply cz I love to write. Comments are welcome… though I don’t really care if they are good or bad… Ok that’s it for now… Catchya later!!!