Mar 24, 2008

Email Forwards!

I got this as an e mail and I really enjoyed it!  Though I must admit this email is a tad bit better informative...! God! Its amazing how times change! Read on -

Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the english language today, is the word f*ck. Out of all the english words that begin with the letter 'f' ...f*ck is the only word refered to as 'the f word...’ It's the one magical word. Just by its sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate, friendship, displeasure, surprise and love. F*ck, as most words in the english language is derived from german ...the word fuieken, which means to strike.
In english, f*ck falls into many grammatical categories:

F*ck (v): (Trans) John f*cked Mary. (Intrans) Mary was f*cked by John.
F*ck (n): Mary is a fine f*ck.
F*ck (ad): Mary is f*cking beautiful.
Fuck (adv): John runs f*cking fast.

There are not many words as diverse as f*ck. Besides the obvious sexual meaning there are also the following meanings and implications.

Aggression: F*ck u!
Anxiety: Today is really f*cked.
Apathy: Who gives a f*ck?
Difficulty: I can’t understand this f*cking job!
Displeasure: What the f*ck is going on here?
Dismissal: Why don't you go outside and play hide and seek or go f*ck yourself
Enjoyment: I had a f*cking good time.
Fraud: I got f*cked at the used car lot
Greeting: How the f*ck are you?
Hostility: I’m going to knock your f*cking head off.
Ignorance: F*cked if I know.
Incompetence: He’s a f*ck off.
Innovation: Get a bigger fucking hammer
Request: Get the fuck out of here.
Surprise: F*ck! You scared the shit out of me.
Suspicion: What the f*ck are u doing?
Trouble: I guess I’m f*cked now

Oh F*ck!!!!
(anger, excitement, sadness, confusion, stupidity, pleasure, disappointment, hysterical, boredom, exhaustion, happiness, fright, frustration, shock, being disgusted, depression, surprised, embarrassment, being ashamed, jealousy, loneliness, anxiousness, shyness, and anything f*cking else you f*cking people can feel!!!)



DeJaVu said...

hahahaha............ funny one!

Raj said...

fuck that was amazing :F

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