Mar 23, 2009


I am in a *grinning foolishly* mood... so i want to introduce u all to my bestest cutest loveliest friend. His name is HAW *as in d :O look.. * He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen and the cutest lost expression on his face. No matter hw shitty my day, Haw always makes me smile. His paws are so soft, i feel wonderful to clutch them in my own tiny hands. :)

Haw means the world to me. Every night i goto sleep with Haw right beside me, and the first thing that greets me are Haw's bottomless beautiful eyes. I carry Haw wid me everywhere i go, and no matter hw i m feeling, Haw always makes me feel all warm inside and amazingly silly in love.
lolz. :D

Ok, nw i getting really boring to all u ppl. forgive me for my temporary bout of craziness. :D

Disclaimer: I have always maintained that I am a total kid!! :)


Ashrita said...

HAW is such a perfect name! He is so cute.. Serves him right that you carry him everywhere. A big hug to him!

Onward said...

well yeah..u ve always maintained u r a u ve proved it...HAW HAW HAW(ha ha ha :-)) how old is HAW??..give the dude ma HI FIVE...does he drink??..and do u have a license to keep a pet bear??!!

tring tring!! menaka gandhi on the line...

IceMaiden said...

@satans Darling..
HAW loves a pretty lady such as urself.. ;) he hugs u back!!

HAW is jus lik 6 months old, goin by the time he has come into my life... n HAW doesnt drink.. hes a kid..jus like me.. :P :D
HAW is scandalised ur referring to him as a 'pet bear'... so i sugest u apologize now.. :)

Karan said...

HAW ko dekhkar my reaction was AWWWWWWWWWWWW ... Meko bhi chahiye..!!! :D :D ..

I just got a call from HAW.. he said hez throwing his half yearly buddae parti at the Hilton..!! :P .. did he invite you ??!!

IceMaiden said...


heyyy u talk lik me!!! "Meko" bhi chaliye.. heheh (hi5)

accha? Haw ki bday party aur uski sabse bestest frnd invited nahi hogi...aisa hoga kya?? tu bhi aana.. dhamaal karenge!! hehe

:D :P

Karan said...

hehe... hi5 back...!! :D ..

n yes... dhammal karenge.. Dhamaal movie bhi dekhenge.. rofl.. :P :P ..

mysterious gal said...

my first reaction was AWWWWWWWWW....though i have seen HAW's pics many times everytime he makes me go AWWW...i m so jeolous of i too want a someone like HAW :(

give him my hug and puchi....:* ( thats the name of my HAW :P...but he is puppy...a crush of mine baptized him with that name like 10 years back made me remember :P)


Dhanya said...

Hawwwwww.. :) What a cootchy cootchy coo post!

Wish Haw a very happy budday from me pleez!


IceMaiden said...



I have a Puchi too!!!! Hes a lil puppy!!!!!!!! :O :O :O!!!!!!!!!!!!


@both of u,
HAW says ThnkYou and he also ;-) at d pretty ladies :P

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