Aug 26, 2011


Since dearest Nutties couldn't wait to see which house I'll get sorted into (someone missed the Pottermore early entry quiz.. tsk tsk :P) - Possibly the best quiz of my life. I was so fucking nervous!!!! :O Not even as nervous as my college placements. LOL!

And I WHOOPED - like a totally unladylike and loud 'whoop' that was something like a screech :P - at this!

This is me scrolling back to chapter on The Sorting Ceremony and taking a screenshot, the original message was a lovely bright scarlet and gold banner with 'GRYFFINDOR' and my name (FeatherSnitch212 .. sounds cool right?!) emblazoned on it in awesome big lettes! Shame I didn't take a screenshot then! :(

Thank you so much Jo! :) :) :)

P.S: I am AWESOME with Spells and I SUCK at Potions. Figures. :)
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Misterio Vida said... thats ice cool :)

Tripthi Battapadi said...


Soumya said...

You're awarded :)


Raj said...

you do weave magic! sometimes with your words too :P

purple moonbeam said...

dayam! looks awesome!
my welcome mail hasn't come yet >_<

Dhanya said...

I guess I will just wait till Pottermore is available to everyone :) That's in October right?

Dhanya said...

And I have a feeling I won't be placed in Gryffindor. :S

Sadhana. said...

POTTERMORE! You're in!! Awesome!! And congrats on Gryffindor! October! When will you come?!

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