Aug 28, 2011

My Perfect Cup Of Coffee.

This post is in response to the question asked by Nitisha at her blog The View from 5'2" - In Search For The Perfect Coffee In Bombay. So where do I get my favorite coffee in the city? (It's Mumbai, not Bombay for me though!) :)

Unlike Nitisha, I don't prefer reading at a quiet little coffee shop. That is my travelling time activity or the sheer boredom of travelling from Malad to Powai will kill me. Coffee shops are for really long conversations about anything and everything and nothing at all, with the closest of my friends. When alone, they are for quiet times between me and my Mac. :) Photos. Coffee. Silence. And I am blissfully lost in my own world. :)

So listing here the places where they know me well enough to get me my coffee without me asking for it. :)

1. Aromas, Hiranandani.
Owing to the fact that this place is bang in the middle of where me and closest friends work (and some stay), it is invariably the place that sees us coming by almost every alternate day. Because of the perfect location of this little cafe and the wonderful coffee in their large FRIENDS-ish cups, I have some really fond memories of this place.

From having that really late night Double Expresso with Arnab a.k.a Hatless Headbangin' Jester a.k.a. Iddy Albatross.. or taking random pictures that turned out great whenever I was upset for whatever reason over my regular Cafe Latte.. or it being THE perfect place to shoot people (friends ofcourse :P) happily absorbed in their cups of Mumbai Masala Chai.. and last but my MOST wonderful order here - having a hot steaming cup of hot chocolate while it pours outside! :) 

2. Gloria Jeans, Oberoi Mall.
Right in the middle of the busy mall, this half partitioned coffee shop has a world in its own. And great coffee too! :) Gloria Jeans is right next to Aroma's too.. but somehow it never meant much.

3. Barista, Mindspace Malad.
Me and Nutties accidently came across this Barista when we were on one of our midnight drives. We both aren't very fond of CCD coffee, and we were looking for ANY other coffee shop nearby. We call this our "thinking" coffee. Many conclusions have been reached in the company of our favorite take-away of Hazelnut Cappuchino's and Dunhill Reds. :) 

4. Costa Coffee, Inorbit Malad.
They used to have a couch that I often sank into and refused to move for hours. Now sadly, they got rid of it :(.. What I LOVE about this place is that its right next to the exit, so there is this breeze that comes in whenever the weather is in a lovely mood. And the coffee just goes along so well with it. :) Add to the order a Brownie and I am all set. :)

5. Unknown place, next to Ruia's, Matunga.
Dont know the name of the place, never have. We VJTI-ians have always simply called it the Cold Coffee place. And man! The Cold Coffee there is to DIE for! Many college time memories of us having the coffee and harassing couples at the famous Ruia ka kattha.. :D

6. Koolar Cafe, King's Circle.
Another coffee-time haunt. Memories of romance over delicious Iranian dishes and coffee / tea. Lovely place this is, VERY old and often seen in advertisements. The owner is a crazy guy, but the waiter guy - Amit - is a sweetheart! :) Recently stopped over there on my way to St. Xaviers, and he was ever so delighted to catch up. Made me an extra special cheese omelet and all. :)

Well that's it. Ever since beer replaced coffee, havent been to any new places I suppose. Ah well. Its either any of the above or my Carlsberg at Cafe Mondegars! :)

P.S: I re-watched Million Dollar Baby yesterday night - and cried again! Amazing movie!
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Crazy Blogger said...

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, where is my Nutties

Anwesa said...

Nice one.

P.S. : Now I know where to have coffee in Mumbai ( if I ever visit the city :P ).

Tripthi Battapadi said...

I have been to Koolars.. but for the usual bun maska :)
And Ruia ke side ka which one?
All of them are pretty awesome.. :D

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