Apr 8, 2014

Grey's Anatomy

Really did you expect this to NOT come up on my posts? :D 

Okay let me just put it out there - I love Grey's Anatomy. I watched this show for the first time only a year and a half ago, and I watched it at a stretch season 1-8. I did not like where it was heading post that, and so I consciously went out and got a life and stopped watching it like an obsessed, deranged person. I am not kidding, I have literally (I mean it), locked myself in the bedroom, instructed the man and the cats to STAY AWAY, and have watched the episodes at a stretch, so much so that 1. I bunked work. 2. I had a severe severe headache. Yes. Crazy person alert. So if you have never watched this show, please skip this post because it will make no sense to you. :P 

Favorite Character? Every character on this show is fucking perfect. Well except the new ones. But nevertheless, everyone. Perfect. But my favorite? Easy. Meredith. 

I know.. I know. A LOT of people do not like her at all. But I am talking about Meredith, NOT Ellen. Meredith has easily been the most complex, brilliant character on the show from the beginning until around late season 7ish. I identify with her in a way I have never with any fictional character played or written. All her issues? Check, check & check. Make way for the dark & twisty. And Nutties is, as I've said before, literally the Derek to my Meredith. Which is also what makes us so perfect lol. :)

Favorite Scenes? This is obviously where I list a collection of my favorite scenes. Because obviously there cannot be just one. And to save us all the 'YES ME TOO!' I am going to skip over the usual favorites (marriages, confessions of love, proposals, etc.) and dig up some lesser known, lesser appreciated scenes.

The very first meeting. :)

The one with George's cute butt. LOL!

When Owen meets Christina for the first time.

This. To the soundtrack of Homebird, Foy Vance. I can't remember our last kiss. Needless to say, I bawled. A lot. 

Arizona talking to Callie's dad. Yes yes, I know what happens in the latest season, but damn this scene was perfect, when it happened. No disrespect, no attitude, just hey I love your daughter.

Meredith high before her surgery. "All my boyfriends are here!" :P Also, damn, Finn was perfect!

I hated Meredith's obvious rebounds with people she should have stayed far away from. And I hated how Derek is being all chill with her because he is being "friends". Like wtf is that? Stop that! And then this happens. Ouch. OUCH.

Meredith holding Cristina after Burke left. Completely being her person.

The chief apologising to Meredith. This one really broke my heart. :(

Mark Sloan meeting Meredith for the first time. And getting beaten up. Totally filmy.

Derek telling Addison that Meredith wasn't a fling. Cue few random sobs.

When this happened - And that sometimes, despite all your best choices and all your best intensions, fate wins anyway. "I miss you." ... "I can't." 

Meredith's confrontation with her mother.

Callie, just after she & George divorce. All the emotion coming out in one patients case. So brutally honest, I will be lying if I said I have not felt the same way at some point in the past.

Izzie, opening up to Sidney. That is exactly what happens when you lose someone, and there is no getting back. This is how much it sucks. 

Too many bawls happened when Denny died. :'(

That entire sequence. After it happened, noone could move Izzie from him, but Alex just comes and picks her up. Grace, Kate Havenik remains one of my all time fav songs from this show, just for how perfectly upsetting this scene is.

One of the very first scenes of the show I related with on a level that made my heart explode out of sheer pain.

"Oh you are staying with her." ... "Yeah. She's my wife."

A second later, "Dr. Shepard, she's crashing." And crash she did.... 

This was the most painful to watch. To the soundtrack of another of my all time favs. 
Today has been okay.

Knowing you love someone so much it hurts, and then knowing you cannot be with them, because the universe is fucked up and hates you. Being star crossed lovers sucks.

Owen telling Cristina that he will always love her.

I know this came at a really, really bad time. But there was no question about the honesty in his words. It took me a while in my life, personally, to know that people can make irreversible mistakes, and still be deeply in love with the person they wronged. Yes, it happens. You fuck up, and you live with it.

Mark's face when Lexie nears the end of her 'I'm infected with Mark Sloan.' speech. 

When it hits him, what she is saying, and how much she means to him too. I swear I thought, this would be a happily ever after, because obviously they both felt the same way..... This is one mistake, I will NEVER forgive Grey's for. :/ Which brings me to...

Mark & Lexie's last moments together.  I don't even want to talk about it, because yes, I actually stopped watching after that happened. I have no clue what has happened in the latest season, and I only watched season 9 midway.... fuck you Shonda. :/

Okay this will never end. So I am stopping now.

P.S.: Time for a Grey's marathon all over again methinks.
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Red Handed said...


- Sugar Cube - said...

Every episode of Greys is worth a watch..except ofcourse when it started going haywire.
They dug so deep into emotions.

Lala Zoya said...

Hahaha.... I love this! Im a huge GA fan as well, and my reaction was F* u Rhonda Shimes!!! That is fricking Mark Sloan! And Lexipedia! How dare u! F* F* F*!! I hate they way she kills off/get rids off characters so callously!
But I love the show and I love MerDer so I watch no matter what.

le'sigh... I could rant and rave all day about the show, but I'll just stop here.

found u through the A to Z challenge!


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