Apr 11, 2014

Just BRB!

So, I totally forgot I had this post to write because this has been a nuts Friday - new kittens, old puppies, one female dog who is having the fucked up of all labor times, and 3 new born kittens who someone has separated from their mother - so far! :/

I am hosting a fundraiser tonight (people in Mumbai, feel free to join the party at IBar, Bandra).. And I have no time to sit and write a new post. And the battery on my phone is running out. And I need to make some last minute phone calls to invite some more people... :P (choosing to update blog over calling more people to the fundraiser - I give you commitment!) Hahaha.. :) 

P.S.: If you do decide to come, give me a shout out - in the pretty slightly old thing in black ;) :P also, I'm the hostess so you can well... just ask for me. :P
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Stephanie Faris said...

With all those animals, I assume you work in a vet's office? Otherwise, there must be a pretty interesting story...

Visiting from the A to Z Challenge signup page. Great to meet you!

Stephanie Faris, author
30 Days of No Gossip

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