Mar 31, 2009

Another Tag!! :)

Ok, M doing another TAG. I love tags. End of line. :)

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say to People, don’t take any names (Oh I hav done this already here. Bt I took names. lolz. ok ill do again. Some other people this time then. )
1. I wish u guys would hav made more time for me. I wish u all knew that my silence means tht something is terribly terribly wrong. Pata hai na?!! I am never this silent. And no matter what I always bounce back up wid new energy.. Y didn’t u come see whn u knew that this time I allowed myself to get swallowed up in all d hurt. I didn’t bounce back up.. n I waited for u to come and make me allright. Y?

2. Meow!.Maoo..Mew!. :) *I love you still.. no matter where u are!! :) * MeEeoOoWwW!!!

3. “Teardrops on my guitar” for u. I wish u knew hw big a crush I had on u. things wud hav been so so so so different if u had only seen me as someone more than ur best friend…Tu kharach stupid aahes!! Lolz.

4. Thanks Jenny, for givin me the awesomest tattoo.. yayy!! U ROCK!!! :)

5. I am probably in a post-breakup vulnerable phase. Inspite of being a naturally crazy and impulsive person, I normally dun lose my head over things I can’t see… something about talking to you makes me feel so at ease…inspite of not knowing u & being a million miles away from u.. I m nt dumb enuf to set myself up for another disaster by falling for you, but I can’t help but feel my heart do a little hop, skip, jump when I see the green dot next to ur name. *Lolz. I m silly!!! :P**

6. I hope to God, they put u in jail someday. I hope u realize that freaking people over by sending them mail that qualifies as porn makes u appear like a sex-crazed dickhead. Which you probably are. I hope someone gives u a good kick on a strategic location and ends ur reproductive years before they even begin. (%$#@!@&^%$)

7. Thanks Na, for being the awesomest friend (Blogger 5). You are an angel and I will love u till the very last moment of my life. And I m gonna turn ur good good children into good bratty children by being their supercool godmom. :P

8. Ur an ass. U are the most disgusting thing that ever walked on earth. Ur pretense doesn’t fool me. I knw u talk a lot of shit about me behind my back. Grow up u &^%$#!@@. Ur stupid. U may be very intelligent as ur grades reflect, but to be ur the most dim witted person EVER. I wonder how ur girlfriend puts up with you!!!

9. No matter where we go from here on, I know there will be a part of me that will always hav feelings for you. I knw I will never forget u bcz the time i spent wid u ..was one of the most amazing ever... I hope someday u look behind on ur life, n say that ur missing something cz I m nt ther by ur side. Wish u the best of luck! & hope u act more sensibly wid others than u did wid me..

10. Dear Annie.. Tough Times don’t last…Tough People Do!! :)

Nine things about you
1. I m a certified psycho.
2. I love crayons, Kohl, Notepad, Glitterpens, Ballons, Roses, Kitties, Babies. :P Oh n Smileys. :) :D
3. I jus told this to a frnd on gtalk... my life is one damn comic strip!!! lolz.
4. I wrote my first poem when I was in the 6th standard. (:o a decade ago!! wow.. tht long!!). Topic: Heartbreak. Lolz. Figures!!! :P
5. I am a complete kid!! I name my stuff, I talk abt silly things, I ask random question jus to knw u better, I talk in baby-language wid babies and kitty-language with kitties, I am perpetually confused and lost. Lolz.
6. I fall in love with anything that catches my fancy. Lolz. whether it is Edward Cullen or the gorgeous converse shoes I jus saw. :P
7. I want to visit Egypt one day, cuz I m pretty knowledgeable abt the Egyptians. I hav been fascinated by them since I first found out abt them, which would be in the 4th standard. Want to see The Valley of the Kings.
8. After I have had my bath, my bathroom smells nice. It smells like lavender and rose, combined with warmth. I love writing stuff on the fogged up mirror glass. (Yes Yes a la, Phoebe Buffay!!!)
9. When I die, I want to be buried, instead of being cremated. And I want someone to get me white lilies every Sunday.

Eight ways to win your heart
1. It’s so easy!!! U wont hav to try really!! Plz plz be urself. Don’t be a fake.
2. Observe me, a lot of things make me go "Awww", do any of them. & u got me! hehe.
3. Kiss my fingertips.
4. Play at least one sport. Preferably basketball. Waise football bhi chalega, lekin samjhana padega. Cuz I never ever understood football. :P
5. Take a ride wid me. Buses or trains. Doesn’t matter. N talk abt silly things wid me. Rem I m a kid!! :)
6. See beyond wht I usually let people see of me. Jus bcz I m laughing, doesn’t mean I m happy.
7. Be the last person I talk before I sleep and the first one in d morning.
8. Dun make promises u can’t keep. Dun promise me forever if u can’t gimme tht. It’s ok if u promise me a awesome weekend instead. Be true.

Seven things that are on your mind a lot (random ordering)
1. Projects (its givin me the chills)
2. Assignments
3. Submissions.
4. Ro.
5. Books I hav read recently. (Twilight, Hossieni)
6. Friends who I haven’t called in a while. N who hav not called me back either. Maar kahne waleho sab!! :D
7. Um... a certain fairytale character. Who rides on a white horse, and has big beautiful eyes, Lolz. :D

Six things you wish you never did (umm.. m nt actually d kind of person to regret anything. bt I’ll try summing some things..)
1. Being too crazy to handle.
2. Told some things to people because I got carried away in a emotional moment.
3. Detach myself from things I loved to do for a guy. It’s so hard to get back to them all whn d guy is gone. :(
4. Being so vulnerable n breakable.
5. Sometimes I hav ended up hurting people.. in like no-win situations where u make the hard choice. I wish there wud hav been an easier way.
6. I aborted one scan check on my lappy. N tht resulted in my lappy shutting itself down (its DELL.. it has a brain of its own!!). n THT resulted in all my movies (50GB) and seasons (all FRIENDS, HIMYM, PrisonBreak) getting deleted. *sob sob!!!*

Five things that turn you off
1. Hypocrites.
2. Roaches. Of all kinds. Even the two legged variety. :P
3. People who judge other people they hav never even spoken to. On the basis of things like clothes, hair color, or the pitch of their voices. Get.A.Life.Loser. (Advice: If u havent lived my life, dun critize the choices I hav made in my life. )
4. Non Patriotic Beings. I SO wish I cud personally kick u out of here!!! (*^%$#^$#%@*)
5. People who differentiate between things boys can/can't do and girls can/can't do. (%$#@%&^%$!@... Yeah I swear a lot! SO WHT?!?!!??)

Four turn on’s
1. Spontaneity.
2. Kissing in d rain. *wink wink* (..heyyy r talkin abt turn-ons arent we?!!)
3. Something tht comes under the category of sweeping me off my feet. :)
4. Nice Hands. *crazy i knw!!! Bt i dunno y, honestly!!*

Three things you want to do before you die
1. Visit places I have been underlining on d world map...for so long now!!!
2. Be Super-Mom. :)
3. Feel completely at peace with myself. Its ok even if this happens the second before I die. Bt it HAS to happen.

Two smileys that describe you
1. :D
2. :P

One confession
Even though I appear totally cool and composed on the surface… I feel like I may break at the slightest touch… I am craving for a really warm hug right now.


Lancelot said...

me teh first...

seems like easiest way to write something in blog...but as a policy I have decided not to do any tags...

good kiddo wassup???still wetting the hanky??

IceMaiden said...

lolz. not literally wetting d hanky!!! :P :D bt faraway look somtimes.. :)

DeJaVu said...

faraway look....hehe...good way to describe it..

very amusing blog there.. especially the "2 smileys that describe u".. fell off my chair laughing!!

i hope u go down in history as the person who can be jointly identified with the word.. TAG! period.. hehe

luv ya wid all ur craziness and innocence.. keeps me in touch wid a side of me that never was.. donning a 'faraway look' too it seems :P

IceMaiden said...

Na... u knw hw it is wid me.. n i m sure no other smiley wud hav fit the bill so perfectly as :D or :P thts me.. lolz. wht do i say.. :)

luv u lots,
Annie.. :) \m/

Misty Rhythm said...

awww i dunno how i missed this one! i'm gonna steal this tag from here...haven't done a tag in a long long time!


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