Mar 13, 2009

MY FIRST BLOG AWARD!!!! Yippeee!!!

Hey people... YIPPEEE... my first blog award!!! Awwww.... Thanks you sooooo much Lancelot... :) :P :D.... i m soooooo happy!!!!! :)

I hav been wondering for a long time, wht to write next on my blog that doesnt fall into the category of heartbreak poems/some dhapped TAG's *hehe*/ Pics taken by Karan widout crediting him for it/ news update from VJTI, where time has pretty much stopped... As we can see, i was really short of topics. N here came this award... i m grinning lik an idiot..

Got this from
Lancelot's Blog. I hav no idea wht he is like in person.. Though i guess there little to know abt him. he is so vocal abt his greatness.. hehe. he is one true Sagi. Loud, crazy, Narcissistic, amazing writer. :P. in short, for all those who know me, he puts ME at a loss of words, n makes me feels like a 60 year old SLOW person. now try imgaining that!!! THANKS a million for the award... *big warm hug!!!*

Now, i wish to pass on my award to some on the people who hav been AWESOME frnds to me in recent trying times, and also otherwise. :) here we go,

Karan - He is the one who intoduced me to blogging. Avid traveller, Railfan, awesoem writer. thanks for getting me here on Blogsville. I still owe u one... :P
Mona - My bestttt friend... inspite of all the ups n down's... she is MY rock!! I owe u one poem, and lots of parties.. :) :P AND if u ever gave attention to ur blog, it will get as many hits as Google gets in a day!!! :)
Seno - What need i say abt My Guardian Angel??? Ur the bestest!!! she in someone who shoots from the mouth, words coming straight from the heart!!! :)
Gargi - According to me, she's the next best thing to watch out for on blogsphere. She is one beauty wid brains!!! :)
Appu - She is the ONLY one i can share Edward Cullen with. hehehe.Jokes apart, she is another newbie on blogshere wid a lot of promise. n more importantly, she is a very sweet person!! :)
Anu - U deserve dis award cz of all the GREAT, level headed advice i got from u all this while.. THANKS!!! :)

*these ppl dun blog, bt of they ever did it will be an absolute delight!!!*

7. Mrids. - Thanks for taking time out EVERY SINGLE DAY to ask me hw i m doin.. u mean a lot to me... n 'thanks' jus wont be enuf to show u hw much ur words held me thru all the upsn n downs.. :)
8. Shilpa, Moni, Prani *They come in a gang of three for me!!! lolz. :P* - kuch bolna hi baaki nahi hai!!!i guess u alreday know ur very very very important to me. :)

P.S : Yaayyyyy.... i got an award!!!! :P :) :D


Lancelot said...


me the first

Lancelot said...


Who is that handsome guy who gave you this award ;)

अविनाश said...


IceMaiden said...

hey lancelot...handsome??!!!ummm dunno hav never met him yet.... bt hes a lawyer so i m guessin he muct be pretty stuck uo!!! lolz. :P

Lancelot said...

Who said lawyers are stuck up re??? :P

A.prem said...

level headed advice.. OMG .. i feel old!! =)) =))
anyways thanks sweets.
and congrats! :)

IceMaiden said...

@ chriz

left u a commet on ur blog. read it there. n thanks for the congrats neway.

Lancelot said...

Wow Wow Wow....amazing war of words...just give me a minute let me order popcorn and watch this going :P I am all ears :P

magiceye said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations and thankies for my first blog award :-D

You got me a new topic tooo yayy!


love ya >:D<

BIG Omi said...

Congrats buddy!! Whoopie!!

Party chahiye

keep it up and keep rocking the blogsville with your hit posts!!

Karan said...

an award... :) ... nice... now you know evrything isnt bad... this is how life is... a mix of good n bad... move on... indulge urself in your interests... u need to hv a look at your own profile once agen...!! :) ...

Goiod Luck...

PS - this comment is in continuation to your reply in your previous post...

^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

Between sowwie for posting the comment from ma moms id *sheepish grin*

IceMaiden said...


yes, i was wondering who revati is??!!! :O


thanks buddie.. will giv a party as soon as i get my 10th award. pakka. lolz. :P

Miss Sunshine said...

:P THNNNNNNNNNxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!
and i dun want edward, keep him! ;)

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