May 15, 2009

And its all over...

Cryptography. Codes. CipherText. Cool. Interesting.
Security. Viruses. Firewall. SMIME. SSL. RC4. Diagrams.
FlowCharts. Sleep. Talking. Google. Facebook. Quizzes.
NewSongs. Texting. Sleepless. Encryption. El Gamal. DES. AES. DSA.
ExamDay. Wht to wear. Paper. Crap. Yawn. SO lengthy. Sigh


Bell rings. Throws up d paper. Yell like mad. Mona n me run up n down n aisle. yelling hoarse. Group hug. Huddle. Smiles. Relief. Come out. Me yell again!!! N set of a chain effect. Ppl from above floors yell too. N heres presenting to u d batch on 2005-2009.. Btech Finally. :)

Main Gate. Class pic. Everyone say Cheeeseee... Sab Deepak ko maaro.. :P Nautanki kahi ka.. :P

Quad. Sign Teeshirts. Hugs. Pics. Basketball for d last time. Free Throw as usual. Sail thru d net. :) As usual. More pics. STARVED.

Ruia ka kattha. Frankie. Fruit Beer. Inside d cricket ground. Laugh. Stare at d couples. Make jokes. Run around. Play kiddish games. Hit ppl. Just like very other day wid d Wizards.

Grass. Sleep. Gaze at d stars. Impromptu questions and answers. First crush. Wildest dream. Make a list of everyone who liked deepak. Lolz. :P Trouble d couples again. Watch d stars. Watch d dogs makin out. LOLZ. Deepak hides his face. Throw grass on each other. Talk.

Is it really d last day as a student?

Slow walk to d station.. Is it really all over? Seems lik yesterday whn we came in to give Applied Mathematics I... was dis d last exam? Wow. time really does fly wid best frnds hm? :)

Train ride back home. Alone. Think a lot. Sweet Nostalgia.

Koi nahi yaar.. kal toh milna hi hai na.. D wizards ka magic will never end. :)


Quest said...

Is it really d last day as a student? it? :D ;)


IcE MaiDeN said...

yes it was.
d last day as d student at college.
ofc we remain students all d way till d end.. if dats wht u meant...

bt this place taught me more than ill veer learn anywhr else.
so yeah last day here.

Hopeless Romantic said...

the feeling would not sink in till u start working !

it happened with me till i joinedmy first company i was in college mood !

all the best !

PS: have u by any chance un-followed me :(


rads said...

Sweet post...but real life starts from now braced

fms1988 said...

Lovely post annie *Huggzz*

All da best...

DPhatsez said...

Tch! Kids these days :)
Congrats Wizard on one hurdle crossed.

Dogs making out? WTF? It's HUMPING :)

Sirf Free Throws? full court khelna tha yaar! :)
I'm fully enjoying my second stint as a student!You'll hold on to these memories 4 life!

ABHISHEK SiM said...

lovely post! rofl! damn man! 1 year down I would be writing this post.. :D. At some lines I felt like howling - like the dogs of the engineering colleges (pun intended) and at other moments I felt - like choked up.... very strong lines.

"Is it really d last day as a student?" - very witty statement..

all the best Di, have a great life ahead. :)

neeraj_only said... remember what we did in last theory paper.....we didn't wait till end ......celebrations began before exam did end :P

when the last paper was about start my best friend did shout NEERAJ!!!!! ..i saw back , he said "BEST OF LUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!"...... most weird best of luck ever we did exchange......"SHOUTING!!!" best-of-luck when EXAM had almost started....everyone was staring at both of us laughing and invigilator got real angry angry ( when we shout then it means hell of shouting :P )

neeraj_only said...

are haan ..moovarakBAD me nahi ...aaj hi le lo looooooo.

ab jab ki miss annie engineer ban hi gayi hai :P partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...hehe....

Somethings will never change , many things do change ...wishing best changes for you annie...dil-se-re

The Blue Indian said...

U forgot one thing- ...short-changed Karan. AGAIN. No pics. Not even saying bye...

But then as you yourself say-
Koi nahi yaar.. kal toh milna hi hai na..

For me it was-
Sign tshirts. Lots of them. Semi-class pic. Sit in Quad till watchman shooed us out (that was at 7.35pm!). CLASSIC- one more time!!! Create helluva ruckus. The Slow Walk back to Matunga station. Train ride back home. Alone. Think a lot. Sweet Nostalgia.

iceprincess said...

heyy..u from ruia?
i dint know that....
enjoy d new found freedom...

IcE MaiDeN said...

I knw.. n work starts 6th july... beofre tht i guess i m goin to be lost on translation. :P (sheesh bad one! :P)

n ya fs sm reason my followers thng wasnt working properly. now its ok. go check. :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

@Rads n Fati,
Thanks!!! ya i knw real life starts from here... :) hopefully i do well thr too. :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


free throws are sort of my speciality. :) considering i m lik 5' its a feat in itself. :P :D

N we were too busy to play baski... d court was hijacked by unruly foulmouthed 3rd years. planning on playin 2day. :)


IcE MaiDeN said...


Hey! U enjoy ur last year to fullest.. seriously!! pata bhi nahi chala whn d last yr got over.. infact pata hi nahi chala whn 4yrs khatam ho gaye.. :(

Thanks for ur wishes. :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ!!! Hostelite hai na tu.. i m can imagine d shouting... all guys frm our class were toh kisi bhi random insaan ko utha ke bday bumps de rahe the... hehehehe!!! mazaaa aya!!! :)

u almost made me choke wid ur last line. :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

:) :) :)
koi nahi.. kal hai na. :)
Aur trip bhi!!!
(ok i m gettin all hyper. :P)

No no i m nt from ruia. dats nt an engineering college. :P
i m from (rather was) VJTI. we hang out at ruia often though.. DP's n dat juicewala is our fav hangout. :)

u knw wht.. its strange how much i cursed d books n d vivas n swore at thm one day it will all be over n ill be free.. n now dat i m.. all i can wish ryt now is to be back to d first day i came to college. :) strange no?
I m nostalgia mode. :)


bondgal_rulz said...

Oieeeeeeee......CONGRAULATIONS on becoming a B.Tech !!!!

Ah! the good old college days....well at least, we get to keep the best part (friends) with us for the rest of our lives. :)


IcE MaiDeN said...

ya i knw.. My wizards gang will remain wid me whrever i go.. n we jus talked abt this yesterday sitting on d grass... ki whn we'll be lik 50 then we'll all come to college.. n throw paper balls on eachother. :P :D

iceprincess said...

AAAWWW...iceM..i know how it feels..i just finished my masters...and i too felt i wld do a tribal dance arnd d bonfire of my books..but i so wish to be a student again...
i understand..COMPLETELY...

Arnab Majumdar said...

Wow... that was so beautiful. Reminded me of the last few of my school and college days :)

You've got a wonderful style with words girl... cheers. And here's wishing many more crazy times with your best frnds. Take care...

IcE MaiDeN said...

i TOTALLY knw ya!!!

oh thank u! ur comment made me smile. :) see? :P

Dream'R said...

awwwww...sweeety thats so sweet..sachi...dunno y but i luvd it...maybe coz i luvd my college so much par its so evident what college means to you in this post.

BUT sailing through the hoops as usual?? really??!! LIAR!!

And oye u cant be throwing paperballs when u r 50..u ll never ever turn 50 remember!! u ll always remain 5 only. :)


IcE MaiDeN said...

My shots sail thru d hoop.. thnk u very much.!!! hmmpphh!!! come here n see for urself :)

n awwww... ya ya i knw ill alwasy remain 5.. ill iriitate d shit outta my boss by springing up on him n d office guys by makin a mess of d place wid d paper balls.. i hope they dun kick me out...

or more so.. i hope d office era doesnt make d kid in me go away... (snifff) :(


яノςんム said...

hehe.. nostalgic me!!! :|

Parikshith Kumar said...

I was choked with similar thoughts during the last day of my college too. Nice one!

P.S Was too busy to watch dogs making sweet love, though!

Jagged Edge said...

hey hi5 partner in running down corridors, screaming and jumping!! :D

Shanu said...

Wow awesome post...reminded me of my last day @ college :):):) sweet memories

archana said...

ur post took me 2yrs back 2my college college days r d best days in life......i miss them so much:(
emosional bana diya tuney mereko
main zazbaati hogayi

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