May 20, 2009

Passing Thoughts...

It is SO worth it making someone smile. :) (smiles foolishly)

Gods been playing artistic dude for 3 days in a row.. Yesterday he went all pastel.. The evening was so bright... Orange and fiery. It was so beautiful it made me stop being panicky as I was (Isha will vouch for that!) and I decided to admire the sun go down with a silent wow. (Karan will vouch for that!) :)

And today He decided to play with water colors. First he went into sepia mode.. making everything look so beautiful I cant even find the right words.. and then it rained!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! as expected I went mad... went and played 'saakhli' with the kids. (don't ask me what that is if you don't know. :P I'll be too embarrassed to say. :D) Taught the youngest ones to make paper boats.. and jumped in the dirty puddles with the older ones. Annie plays while Mom is away. :)

Saw a cute couple walking hand in hand, oblivious to the world.. Getting wet in the rain. Watched them with a faraway smile. Missed someone. The rains tug at the heartstrings that ache the most.

"Jo tum ho toh yeh lagta hai ki mil gayi har khushi,
Jo tum na ho toh yeh lagta hai ki har khushi mein hai kami......

Tum ko hai maangti.. yeh zindagi..."

- Annie.
P.S: Its Raininggggg!!!!!! :)


fms1988 said...

wow rain in India i jus love it !
It's been raining really bad here in UK too but i hate it here :P it seems beautiful in India :D i was there last yr for monsoon...I wanna go back to India :(

Quest said...

I am in a desert in tamil nadu where it will never rain :( Geographically it is connected to the equator by the line of No-hope.
I will not be in Kerala to welcome the monsoon this time around, hoping that it doesn't turn back on not finding me :D

Jumping into dirty puddles? Nice excuse to take a bath once in a while :D


rads said...

Oh yea monsoon time in India rocks..I'm missing it too...but Chicago has good pretty amount of rains and so i'm not sorry about it...nice write-up...

DPhatsez said...

yahaan Sydney mein bhi baarish ho rahi hain!
nice read yaar! the lovers bit sniff! main bhi kuch maheeney pehley aisa hi tha sniff! ab 'dost dost na raha pyaar pyaar na raha'



IcE MaiDeN said...

yayyyyy its raining!!!! :) ;-)

it IS beautiful here in India, aaja yaha pe. saaath mein ghoomne chalenge. :)

Desert? Tamil Nadu? No rain? Oh poor u!!! :) ;) Not in kerela? U mallu? abt d puddle wala purana joke. HAHA!!! (straight face) :P

wow.. monsoon in Chicago. wonder hw dat is? :)

wonder hw it is in Sydney too? welll... i m nt in 'tum ho toh' mood generally bt yest.... well guess d rain got to me. :)

now i m back to 'jeene ke hai saath din...ooooohhh oooohhhh' LOLZ. :P :D ;)

Cheers to u too!

Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm too curious, so I just have to ask... what's "saakhli"?? :P

"The rains tug at the heartstrings that ache the most." I know that to be true, but tu bhi...?? :O


Loved the post, as always. Cheers...

IcE MaiDeN said...

sigh now dat u ask.. 'saakhli' is a variation of pakda-pakdi (hope u knw wht dat is atleast!!!) whr one person is running to catch d others n whn dat person catches someone, d caught person n the earlier one form a chain ('saakhli') n run to catch others. (ok i hope u understood dat. :P)

its funnnn whn a longgg 'saakhli' forms n they all run behind one person. lolz. :P dats wht d kids did to me. :P

n oh goddd!!! u too on hav d same views abt d rain n d heartstrings??? wow!! we are alike. :)

Thanks for liking random ramblings,

Arnab Majumdar said...

I got it... and I remember that we used to play that same game when we were kids too :P So much fun that used to be.. hehe.

Waise how come u were so surprised to hear that about me and the rain...??

яノςんム said...

who doesnt love rains!!
let the monsoons arrive and it will be raining rain posts in the blogs ville, it is drizzling already though :P

oh yeah, the sky goes so full of colors and it s lovely to juz even look at it :)

i am waiting for it to rain here in amritsar.. it rains less :D

Aw.S.M said...

u do know u r the bestestestest dont u ;-) it a good thing to make a person cry?...

But i have to say i really loved reading this post..its so nice annieee...u make me miss the rain!! donut for you...and cold ho gaya na bcoz of all the playing!!...hmmpphhh..see..u should listen to advice!!..idiot...


IcE MaiDeN said...

hope it rains there too.. n on ur blog too!! :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


Heyyy!!! i m JUS ok.!! nt even miles in reach of best much less bestest!! :P

N d idea was to SHOCK not CHOKE!!! lolz. :P :D Nevertheless, anythng for a nutcase lik ya. u knw na? :)

n d cold was worth it too.. d rains were jus too tempting. n plus then it made my voice sound all alluring. lolz. :P :D ;)

Annie. :)

gargi said...

man... its been pouring in Sydney...n i seriously don't like it.. :|
its so depressing that way!...
n moreover i used to love that smell of wet dirt after the first rain.... but in Sydney..i can't even smell that!.. im not exactly enjoying the rain hea...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

It rained here yesterday after a long long time :) It was beautiful...

Lovely post :)

And of course, sorry for the delay... Wasn't around for sometime...

Shanu said...

It rained in Mumbai!!! How come it didnt rain near my house?? :(:(:(

Btw gr8 post...reminded me of my school days..playin sakhli and football in the rains :):):)

IcE MaiDeN said...

hehee..!!! Go tak a stroll or smthng. i love to do dat whn its raining.. :)

heyya!! Thanks..
yayyy!! its rainin.. :)

it didnt rain near ur house? whr do u stay? it was raining almost everywhr in mumbai. :P

n yeaaaa!!!! speaking of football.. i missed playing basketball in d drizzle. i did dat once and it was amazzzinggg!!! :)
lolz. and someone besides me played sakhli too!!! wow! :)

Miss Sunshine said...

wowwwwwwwwowowow :D
it's raining here tooooooooo :D

Thousif Raza M.B said...

Dropped by for the 1st time and loved this post, very honest, very true, something unique, very nice

take care and keep writing.....

IcE MaiDeN said...


Thanks mate!!!! :)
come again soon. :)

Annie. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

I love rain!
I love those thunder voices,I love those wet leaves, everything...
I just like the monsoon season.
Nice post!

Karan said...

Rains and memories have an old bonding.That's what makes rains so special and memories - priceless.

IcE MaiDeN said...


Welcome to my blog! :)


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